Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack Review

by Frank V. Persall

A great bag to carry your skiing essentials, Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack is designed to endure the rough weather of the snow-clad mountains. The bag comes with two side compartments which are large enough to hold the ski boots of any size. Moreover, the central compartment is huge and accommodates all types of skiing essentials conveniently. The padded back and shoulder straps ensure that you do not feel any inconvenience while carrying it. The overall look of this bag is trendy and though it looks bulky, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry. Swix ski bags are ventilated and are engineered with grommets which vent out any moisture and dirt that are accumulated during the expedition.

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Swix Tri Pack Norwegian Ski Boot Bag Red, One Size
Swix Tri Pack Norwegian Ski Boot Bag Red, One Size

Product Type: Ski Boot Bag

People love to stay warm and protected as the weather gets cold and rough but for the skiers, it is the ideal time to get out and make the most of the snow and cold climate. However, skiing is not just any other regular mountain trip and needs a lot of preparations and planning to be done in advance. Feeling the brisk and icy cold air on the higher altitudes is thrilling but it is not as easy as it seems. Apart from the basics like ski boots and boards, you will require fleece jackets, gloves, helmet and much more in order to stay safe and secure at all times.

A ski bag with a good storage capacity can make things a lot easier as it allows you to carry almost everything without putting any extra strain on your back. The Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack is one of the smartly designed ski boot backpacks which provide total comfort and convenience to the users and allows them to organize their skiing perfectly. It lets you store jackets, wax, gloves, and much more easily and also provides an easy access to all of them. Moreover, it looks appealing and contains extra pockets and compartments as well.

What we like and what we don't like?

We like the ruggedness and sturdy construction of this Swix tri -pack. Long lasting quality is the trademark of all the sports gear of Swix and this reflects in this Swix boot bag as well. The padded design makes it comfortable and extra side pockets makes retrieval of smaller items that much easier which negates the need to dive in the main compartment every time you need something. If you wish to explore more bags you can check out our top 10 best ski boot bag guide here.

Features of Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack

Built to last

Regular ski bags are vulnerable to the hostile climatic conditions but Swix ski bags are an exception to this. Denier 1680 ballistic nylon is used in its construction which is a trustworthy material that endures rough weather and harsh environmental conditions with ease. Moreover, they have also added polyester panels on the sides which make it much more durable and long lasting. This Swix gear can even handle turbulence and shocks without any issues.

Superior design

The boot compartments are on the sides which are big enough to hold ski boots of up to size 13. Also, two large pockets are provided on each of the side compartment which makes it convenient to carry small accessories and food supplies which may be required while travelling. The main compartment is huge and can be used to stash in numerous essentials like jackets, gloves, helmet, goggles and much more. One front zipper pocket is provided to store items like goggles and ski wax.Total comfortSwix ski boot bags are known to provide ultimate comfort to the users while carrying them and this Swix is not an exception either. The padded shoulder straps and generously padded back caters total comfort to the buyer and allow them to carry the essentials with utter ease. In a way, it helps you to maintain your smile even during tasking expeditions and therefore it is an ideal bag for the skiers.


The overall design and appearance of this ski bag are appealing. The contrast of red and black always looks stunning and the modern design of this Swix ski boot bag renders a seamless style to it. Also, the brand name engraved on the front makes it look even more trendy and fashionable. All of these aspects enable the buyer tocarry it in style throughout their skiing expedition.

Detailed Evaluation for Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack

The rugged construction of this bag ensures that it remains functional for many years. The bottom of this bag is also padded to keep the essentials safe when you place the bag on snowy and wet surfaces. The front pocket is ideal to store ski tools, torches, wax and much more. The look and feel of this bag are great and apart from skiing, it can be used for other types of adventurous trips and even for regular journeys.

SnowGaper's Rating for Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack: 4.8 / 5


  • Large main compartment and a separate section for storing the ski boots make it a perfect choice forskiers.
  • Extra pockets and compartments allow you to organize your essentials seamlessly.
  • Care is taken to make the bag extremely comfortable as it comes with a mesh padded back andsufficiently padded shoulder straps.
  • The drainage grommets are provided to keep the contents safe and dry inside.
  • The overall construction and perfect stitching make this Swix boot bag sturdy and tough.


  • Simple red and black combination makes it look ancient.
  • The options are limited when it comes to the design and range of colors.
  • It is too large to fit on standard lockers and cabins.

Our Verdict for Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack Buyers

Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack Review
Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack Review

People are sceptic about ski bags as they think that they would not be able to use it for other purposes. Some bags are designed in a way that they suit only skiing expeditions, but this bag is certainly an exception to this. Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack has everything a ski bag must have but it does not look like a typical ski bag. It is huge but light enough to carry as a backpack on different types of adventurous trips and expedites. Few bags comprise of as many compartments as this one does so it is a great choice for people who like to carry different types of accessories and equipment on trips.

The ballistic nylon and polyester panels used in the design make it reliable and durable to another level and therefore, you do not have to worry about your sensitive devices like tablets, phones, cameras, etc. it is a perfect ski bag for the people who plan long skiing trips and tours but if you are only interested in weekend trips then this ski bag can be a bit oversized. All these features and advantages make Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack an irresistible option for skiing enthusiasts. The price is also quite reasonable which means you have got nothing to worry while buying this rough and tough ski bag.

Parting words: Skiing is not just an adventurous sport but a way to embrace the obstacles and difficulties life throws at us. However, with ski bags like the Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack, you don't have to face the harsh weather and rough conditions alone as it accommodates everything needed for a safe, comfortable and convenient trip.

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