Boreal Night Skiing

by Frank V. Persall

It's safe to say the world is divided into two categories. The people who prefer the morning and the nightcrawlers. Well, if you're someone who loves to ski but has to do the 9 to 5 or if you just love the sunset to sunrise moments, you've got a good reason not to start early on the slopes. This is all thanks to Boreal night skiing.

Boreal Night Skiing

Standing alongside Interstate 80, the Boreal ski and snowboard resort currently boasts a 7,200 ft. elevation. Along the Boreal Ridge summit, it also rises as high as 7,677 ft. Most times, this resort is the first one you find open once the season is set. With the help of its lighted slopes, what's to stop you from night skiing? So, keep reading as we guide you through the Boreal night skiing.

Boreal Night Skiing
Boreal Night Skiing

Boreal Mountain Resort, California

There is lots of fun to catch as Boreal offers you the luxury of skiing or boarding at Boreal mountain with floodlights just above you and a beautiful soundtrack.

What's more? - The Donner Summit offers arguably the best views of the best sunsets in California, thanks to the Accelerator lift. This is just one of the lifts that you find open to cater to the needs of night skiers. Boreal Mountain Resort has a snowmaking coverage that exceeds 80% and happens to be among the very first resorts to commence activities once the season kicks off.

Every season, there's a 400-inch snowfall on the mountain before it finally gets to April where it shuts down activities. You can get to the resort with ease as just 80 miles lies between it and Sacramento with Soda Springs being the nearest town. Boreal has a freestyle terrain that you can access during night skiing. Snowboarders can get utility both at night and during the day with the family-friendly terrain that's ideal for you and your loved ones. There are also intermediate trails that are more advanced. Boreal is great if you're looking for a resort that boasts a grand atmosphere while giving you the best of views of its landscape.

Boreal Night Skiing FAQs

Where Is Boreal Mountain Ski Resort Located?

Boreal Mountain Resort happens to be near Lake Tahoe, in Soda Springs and is an ideal place for you and your family. You are guaranteed so much snow during the season with the artificial snow cannons. Night Skiing isn't a problem at the Boreal Mountain Ski Resort. If you can't get enough of the thrill or you are simply looking forward to spending more time snowboarding or skiing, Boreal is everything you need. Getting from San Francisco to Boreal Mountain should take you just 3 hours but you will need half that time to get there from Sacramento. If you're coming from Reno, it should take you about 45 minutes to get to Boreal Mountain.

How big is Boreal ski?

Boreal Ski measures a total of 380 acres with its top and base elevations at 7,700 feet and 7,200 feet respectively. Its runs break out as follows: beginner (30%), intermediate (55%), and advanced (15%). You'll also notice that the longest run measures up to 1 mile.

How much is a lift ticket?

You can get discounts when you purchase online. The pricing for tickets at Boreal Mountain Ski Resort will differ depending on what day you buy, as well as the holiday period. During the holiday season, ticket prices are usually higher and will be more expensive when purchased at the resort. If you have any online tickets that were not used, all you have to do is pay a $20 fee and you'll be able to change to another day. You can get one-day lift tickets at around $25 for adults if you purchase early enough online.

Once you get the night pass, you can start to use it from the late afternoon. Your night pass allows you to get some daylight hours of fun before you bask in the superb sunset. As soon as the floodlights are activated and the morning riders start to make their way home, some lifts are kept open for night skiers. The price of your night ski pass will depend on whether your order was placed online and what time you begin. This table below should give you an insight into the lift ticket pricing.

Age Group 1-Day Lift Ticket
Adult 24-59 $25 - $81
Young Adult 18-23 $15 - $80
Teen 13-17 $25 - $70
Child 6-12 $24 - $50
Child 5 and under $5
Senior 60-69 $25 - $70
Senior 70 and older purchase on-site
Night Tickets 3 PM - 9 PM purchase on-site
Parent Shared purchase on-site

How many runs does Boreal have?

This 380-acre terrain has about 41 runs spread all over it and these runs have 8 lifts to serve them. The terrain is friendly both for freestylers and families. There are some progressive terrain parks that you'll find at Boreal which includes a mini pipe that measures about 13 feet.

The interests of beginners were put into consideration in designing the runs. Some of the runs are adapted to ensure that rookies can also have a good time. But most of the runs are built for intermediate level skiers. Also, if you're an expert, you can take advantage of the more advanced runs.

Does Boreal have sledging?

Yes. On Donner Summit, you'll find the Boreal Tahoe Tubing which forms a part of the resort. The tubing comes with double moving carpets that help to take visitors to the hilltop, as well as tubing lanes that are groomed. Regardless of your age, you can access the hill as long as you measure up to 42 inches and taller. If you have kids, you should ensure that they can make use of their own tube because riding on the laps of other people is not allowed. You will find different tube sizes but keep in mind that personal sleds or tubes will not be allowed.

What city is Boreal ski Resort in?

You will find the Boreal Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe, USA. If you are into skiing and snowboarding, you can take advantage of all the available slopes.

Tips For Night Skiing Boreal

Why does your day on the slopes have to come to an end when the sun sets when you can simply have more fun at a resort that provides opportunities for night skiing?

You shouldn't be intimidated or scared about being a night skier. If you decide to try it out sometime, you will definitely experience something entirely different from the regular thrill that day time skiing brings.

But there are some tips you need to keep in mind to ensure that you stay safe as you go down the slopes at night with the floodlights just above you. These tips will also help to increase the amount of fun that you get.

Take advantage of the reduced crowds

Most people who love to ski usually do so during the day and will either head home or go for a party as the sun starts to set. This means that skiing at night gives you the advantage of reduced crowds. So, you'll feel less afraid that someone could run you down plus there's also wide open runs to enjoy.

Wear the right gear

Temperature drops usually occur as soon as it gets dark. Ensure that you have the right clothes on and make the right plans.

Wear the right goggles

Consider investing in the right goggles as this is ideal for your eyes. Get yourself some night lenses or you can simply go for clear lenses. If you go for night skiing with lenses that are built for the deflection of bright sun, you will have next to no depth perception and your vision will be reduced. Since you'll be going at high-speeds, you want to get the right goggles.

More gloves and buffs

Night skiing will be nicer if you ensure that your vital body parts stay warm. From your hands and feet to your head and face, ensure that you protect yourself from the harsh nighttime temperature. Make sure your socks are slightly thicker and also get some mitten or glove liners.

Dinner is important

Night skiing can be so much fun but do not allow yourself to get drowned in the romance. Never forget to have dinner but if you can find the time to do so, carry along some snack bars to keep your energy levels up. It would make sense to inquire at the resort so that you know when the local restaurants close for the day. This will help you plan your time better so that you can get a good late-night bite after wrapping up your session.


Boreal night skiing is alluring and is ideal for you if you're looking to protect yourself from sunburn while keeping away from crowds. With its impressive night lighting, rest assured that you will enjoy the brightest runs at the Boreal Mountain Resort.

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