Best Women's Ski Jacket of 2021: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2021

by Frank V. Persall

Skiing is fun but with a suitable kit. As a skier either for recreation or earning a living, a quality jacket is essential. A ski jacket is different from every other jacket, no doubt. What makes it unique is how it's designed. It is constructed to adapt to various skiing conditions. On the slopes, you need something to keep you warm, breathe well, and also water from seeping in. It's only a quality ski jacket that can do this. Apart from these features, every woman loves to look good in any dress, and a ski jacket is not an exemption. Are you going skiing?

Don't you know the ski jacket to buy? Or do you want a new ski jacket? You are on the right page. I will be sharing some ski jackets here, which I've painstakingly tested and got reviews from others. The ski jackets are of different styles, designs, colors, and other specifications fit for women. Although there isn't a perfect product, plus the quality differs. Therefore, you have to check through each jacket's features and go for the most preferred. There are different models of ski jackets out there; considering comfortability and maximum protection, I will suggest the following ski jackets for you.

Top 5 Best Women's Jacket of 2021

Top 5 Best Women's Jacket of 2021
Top 5 Best Women's Jacket of 2021

1. Pooluly Women's Ski Jacket - Link

Pooluly Women's Ski Jacket Warm Winter Waterproof Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Snowboarding Jackets
Pooluly Women's Ski Jacket Warm Winter Waterproof Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Snowboarding Jackets

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow sports, among others, with this jacket, you are good to go! Made of polyester, well designed, waterproof, and also windproof. You don't have to worry about the bad weather with this jacket. It keeps you comfortable, dry, and warm. It also has adjustable cuffs with an elastic glove hole. I love the fact that it comes in different colors and sizes. You don't have to worry about your body size; there is one for you, even in your preferred color! For protection against wind, it comes with a hood that is adjustable and detachable. The softshell hood is also wear-resistant. I must talk about the lining too! It is fluffy and long-lasting, keeping you warm and comfortable. The outer part has a full zipper closure with button rows. Also, velcro on the neckline and cuffs, all to prevent the in-flow of wind.


  • Coated with durable fabric
  • The soft and puffy lining which retain heat
  • Softshell hood for maximum protection when moving down the slopes.
  • The hood is detachable and adjustable
  • Multifunctional pocket size
  • It comes in different sizes and colors


  • Noisy while moving
  • It is boxy and doesn't fit appropriately

2. MOERDENG Women's Ski Jacket - Link

MOERDENG Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Jacket
MOERDENG Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Jacket

MOERDENG brand did a great job on this jacket! The outer layer is designed with high-quality polyester material. The material makes it waterproof, windproof, and stain-resistant. This jacket made it to my top pick because it's pocket-friendly, and you'll surely get value for your money. The MOERDENG women's ski jacket comes in more than ten colors. Finding your choice of color won't be challenging, especially if you are bright-colored freaked. The lining retains heat perfectly and draws off moisture, thereby leaving you dry and warm on the slopes. Oh! The hood is top-notch! It is wide enough to cover the helmets, thereby preventing your face from snow and water. The jacket also features a storm flap zipper closure which blocks water from entering. The hood is adjustable. It also features adjustable cuffs with glove holes which you can adjust to fit. The cuffs keep your hand warm when diving down the slopes.


  • Water repellant, windproof, and resistant to stain
  • Can withstand any weather condition
  • It has different colors and designs
  • It is durable
  • It comes with an adjustable hood for head protection
  • It is pocket friendly


  • The sleeves are short

3. SUOKENI Winter Coat For Women - Link

Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Hooded Raincoat
Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Hooded Raincoat

This winter jacket is produced from top-quality polyester material. The material makes the jacket resistant to stain, waterproof, and windproof. I admire the coating of this jacket; it is closely stacked together to prevent air intrusion. Also, it features a 3- structured 2400 cotton lining which keeps you warm and comfortable when outside. The lining also prevents water from penetrating the ski jacket and gets rid of sweat quickly. The jacket features an adjustable and detachable hood made of high-density fiber. The high-density fiber makes the jacket resistant to cold. I recommend this jacket also because it doesn't wear off nor is prone to scratch. This is because it is made of long-lasting DWR polymer material. You can move down the slopes without the fear of being injured by rocks, branches, etc. It also protects from stains. The ski jacket comes with two zippered side pockets, one breast, and an inner pocket. You can keep your belongings, such as your phone, in any of the pockets. It has a snow skirt which keeps off the wind.


  • Breathable
  • Waterproof, windproof
  • Features snow skirt for protection against wind
  • Maximum heat retention
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes, it is water permeable
  • It might not fit perfectly

4. GEMYSE Women's Ski Jacket - Link

GEMYSE Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Winter Windproof Rain Jacket (Blue Grey,XX-Large)
GEMYSE Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Winter Windproof Rain Jacket (Blue Grey,XX-Large)

This insulated jacket supplies the necessary warmth. It is waterproof, windproof and also lasts long. Talking about the perfect jacket for skiing, snow sports, and harsh winter weather, this is one. Well designed to make you comfortable and fit on the slopes. I admire the fleece hood too! It is detachable and can be adjusted. The jacket features a stand collar that protects your face from cold and other rough weather conditions. Apart from protection, the collar also supplies extra warmth. Oh! The Velcro cuff is something I can't but talks about it. The Velcro cuffs are adjustable, have a thumb hole that keeps your hand fit and warm. The jacket is made of high-quality polyester material; therefore, it doesn't wear off quickly. The micropores on the fabrics it breathable, water repellant, and dry fast. Consist of many pockets too. Two zippered pockets on the hand, one chest pocket, another pocket for gloves or goggles, and one zippered inner security pocket.


  • Waterproof
  • The lining and hood is made of fleece which keeps you warm and comfortable
  • Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snow sports, etc.
  • Features a collar for extra warmth


  • Low level of durability
  • It doesn't come in many colors

5. Wantdo Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket - Link

Wantdo Women's Windproof Ski Jacket Waterproof Winter Snow Coat Black S
Wantdo Women's Windproof Ski Jacket Waterproof Winter Snow Coat Black S

The jacket is designed for the comfortability of the user. Features a nice detachable fleece lining. The hood ensures safety from cold winds, therefore, keeping the face and neck warm. During normal weather conditions, the hood is removable. The Hem of the Jacket is adjustable, preventing cold wind from penetrating through the jacket and retaining the body warmness. This ski jacket is lightweight due to the fleece lining, which makes motion easy. It also comes with an adjustable snow skirt uniquely designed to prevent wind from entering into the jacket. The jacket has a gripper snug barrier around the waist, which forms a custom-fitted enclosure. This waterproof ski jacket also has elastic cuffs with stretchable thumb holes. The cuffs block the passage of cold air into the sleeves. Also, it retains the heat generated by the body inside the jacket and prevents the sleeves from sliding up.


  • Features a soft fleece lining that keeps you warm
  • It comes with many pockets
  • The exterior is coated with waterproof material, which keeps you dry
  • The jacket has an earphone line fastening with supporting fixtures


  • Heavy for warm weather
  • Zip might stick or break off

Buying Guide for Women's Ski Jacket

As a woman, you need to have proper knowledge about a ski jacket before you get one. You have to buy a ski jacket that will keep you warm and also looks perfect on you. In doing that, features like breathability, insulation, waterproof, etc., shouldn't be left behind. Listed below are some of the things you should take cognizance of when purchasing a ski jacket.

The Type of Jacket

The ski jacket is of two types, each with different characteristics. When choosing a woman's ski jacket, you have to know the type you will be comfortable with. The types of Jackets you choose also depend on the kind of skiing you are doing. Women's ski jackets include;

1. Insulated Jacket

The outer layer of this jacket is waterproof and windproof. The inner layer is insulated with fleece or synthetic fiber called Primaloft to provide extra warmth. The Primaloft is a soft material, not heavy, breathable, and a great repellant to water. It keeps dry and comfortable. A jacket's insulation is measured in grams. The gram of the jacket determines how warmer it is. A woman's ski jacket insulation ranges between 30 grams to 800 grams. If you get cold quickly or will be skiing in a colder region, you can consider this jacket. Some ski jacket comes with an additional insulation piece that is removable. These jackets are commonly called 3-in-1 or system jackets. You can wear them alone or together.

2. Shell Jacket

Women's ski jacket with no insulation is known as Shell Jackets. Its outer layer is waterproof, breathable. The shell jacket protects skiers from both rain and wind. It also removes sweat easily. If you are a warmer person by nature, this shell jacket is for you. Shell ski jackets do not have the added bulkiness as insulation jackets which makes mobility easier. Also, the jacket is worn over a mid and base layer which helps to retain the body warmth. You can wear a shell jacket alone on warmer days, On colder days, with base and mid-layers. It is not advisable to go for this jacket on colder days or when staying many days on the slopes.

Waterproof Ability/Level

A piece of fabric is waterproof if it resists water pressure applied from a 1m high column without leaking. In purchasing a ski jacket, it's important to take note of its waterproof level. The waterproof level helps to detect the level at which a ski jacket becomes drenched and permeable to water. The level of waterproof is measured in millimeters. It can be determined by filling a tube with water and placing it on the fabric. The waterproof rating is the level at which water starts to penetrate through the cloth. Women's ski jacket waterproof level ranges between 1,500mm to 30,000mm. Averagely, 5,000 to 10,000mm.

Tips: waterproof level determines the price too. The higher the rating, the higher the price.

Good waterproof materials mostly have pores. They are wider than molecules of sweat but small for molecules of water. This feature also makes a waterproof material breathable.


During skiing, you need something to keep your body warm. Therefore, you have to choose a breathable jacket. For a jacket to be breathable, it has to transfer moisture from the inside to the outside effectively. A jacket made of cotton or nylon is breathable.


Ski jackets vary in price depending on the quality. Expensive women's ski jackets are made with high-quality fabric. This fabric brought about an increase in mobility, good weather protection, and improved breathability. Although, there are still low price ski jackets with great features too. Depending on your budget, if you are a beginner or not a regular skier, you can consider an inexpensive ski jacket.


Women's ski jacket varies in length. The length you choose depends on the style you want. Each length has its function. The shorter length looks quite cool, stylish, also keeps you warm. The longer length is perfect for powder skiing and backcountry. It covers the back and protects it from moisture and snow.

Ski Jacket Features

In the women's ski jacket, there are some features you should take cognizant of. Apart from waterproof, breathability, there are other features available in a ski jacket. Your skiing needs also depend on the features you would look out for. Below are some of the features:

1. Hood

Although, not all women's ski jacket comes with a hood. Some jackets' hoods could be detachable, while some are non-detachable. The detachable hoods could be removed when there are weather changes. A Non-detachable hood can only be tucked in and can't be removed. When buying your ski jacket, ensure that it has a hood for maximum protection. The hood should be wide enough to fit over your helmet. Also, the size of the hood's bill should be generous enough to protect your eyes and googles from rain. For adjustment, most hoods come with drawstrings.

2. Powder Skirt

A powder skirt is a stretchy band found inside the ski jacket at the waist. It sustains heat and keeps you warm on the slopes. Also, it offers a snap closure which prevents heat from entering the jacket. The powder skirts are removable through Zippers or snaps. If the heat is much, you can unsnap it for the heat to escape. If you are doing powder skiing, this feature shouldn't be missing in your ski jacket.

3. Front Zipper Closure

This protects the front zipper and also block wind and moisture from penetrating inside the jacket. It is also called a storm flap. Some zipper covers have soft fleece on top of the zipper. The soft fleece protects the face from irritation that might be caused by cold metal. It is one of the essential features you should look out for when buying your ski jacket.

4. Cuffs

This is one of the adjustable features found in a women's jacket. The cuffs could be elastic, velcro, thumbhole, or snap. It prevents cold from entering the arm. Also, it helps to hold the glove firmly to the wrist. The gloves can sync into cuffs in two ways. Either you are wearing it over the cuffs or beneath the cuffs.

5. Underarm Zippers

They are zip found under the arm used to regulate temperature. It also helps to sustain or release the heat stored in the ski jacket. You can open and close it based on weather conditions. It is not a compulsory feature in a ski jacket.

6. Reinforcements

These are usually found on the elbow, shoulder, and lower back. Some women's ski jacket features a padded reinforcement. This gives extra protection during skiing. This feature is a must if you are engaging in aggressive skiing.

7. Pockets

A ski jacket with multiple pockets helps to keep the materials needed during skiing. Pocket is one of the features that shouldn't be missing in women's ski jackets. Some jackets have electronics pockets, where you can keep portable electronic devices. If you love listening to music on the slopes, then you can consider this jacket. This is because the jacket has openings where the wire can be passed. Electronic devices like digital cameras, phones, audio players, etc., can be kept safely in the pockets. Some jackets also feature a Google pocket where google is kept when not in use. The pocket is made of a net to allow ventilation. The pocket is capable of keeping the google wipes too.

8. Extra Lining

In some top-quality women's ski jackets, there is an additional lining inside the jacket. The lining provides extra warmth to the hand. It is attached to the wrist, down to the palms, where there is a hole to insert the fingers.

  • Durability

A woman's ski jacket should be durable to withstand skiing conditions. Most ski jackets are made of high-performance materials such as polyester, nylon. This is because they are thick and able to resist wear and tear. When making your purchase, ensure the skiing jacket is made of nylon or polyester.

  • Fit

It is advisable to go for a fit ski jacket. This is to make you comfortable on the slopes and also motion easier.

FAQ on Best Women's Ski Jacket

What is the difference between a ski Jacket and a regular jacket?

Ski jackets are constructed technically compared to regular jackets. Ski jackets offer durability, waterproof, windproof, and warmth. It can be worn on all days since it has features like a zipper, insulation, etc. Also, ordinary jackets don't have specific sport features, e.g., a powder skirt, multiple pockets, and a hood that fits over a helmet.

Should a Ski Jacket be tight or loose?

A ski jacket shouldn't be too tight or loose. When it's too tight, it restricts movement, and when loose, it exposes the body to cold. Therefore, your jacket should be somewhere in between.

How do I know if a ski jacket is too big?

You can detect if a ski jacket is too big by checking the shoulder lines and zipping it up. For certainty, you can also go through the size charts of some brands. Size charts contain the dimension of and chest.

How much does a women's ski jacket cost?

The price of top-quality women's ski jackets ranges between $150 to $700.

How can I wash my ski Jacket?

As it is known, a ski jacket is different from your regular fabric. Due to its feature, it requires extra care. You should wash your ski jacket in cold water with soap made for synthetic material. Do not use regular detergent to wash. This is because it reduces the performance of the jacket. Then rinse, tumble extra dry low to make it fluff back up without overheating. You can wash your Jacket with Woolite or Nikwax Tech wash.

Difference between winter jackets and ski jacket

Although both make the body warm but on different occasions, a winter jacket helps to keep warm and cozy during harsh weather. A ski jacket is not as heavy compared to a winter jacket.

Conclusion for Ski Jacket Buyers

We have discussed different types of women's ski jackets here. Although, the brand you choose depends on your choice. The most important thing is to go for the one you can afford. And also, ensure it is waterproof and keeps you warm. There are so many benefits you derive from using a quality ski jacket. A good ski jacket makes you comfortable on the slopes as it offers maximum protection. If you haven't gotten one before, with this article, you are good to go. And if you have one, now you know more about it.

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