Dakine Boot Locker Bag Review

by Frank V. Persall

The Dakine Boot Locker Bag is for the individuals who do not like to carry a huge overcrowded backpack but prefer stowing their essentials in a neat and organised manner. The overall look and feel of this boot locker bag are great except for the fact that it looks like traditional duffel bags in some of the designs. The padded shoulder strap works well and is tough enough to bear the burden of the entire luggage without getting overstretched or clumsy. The lower compartment is reserved for the ski boots and the tarp bottom allows you to clean it easily before and after use. The grommets are good enough to let out the dirt and moisture but may not always prove to be an odor killer.

Therefore, try to make the ski boots as dry as humanly possible before packing them before and after their use. The top handles are convenient to use as well and the cushioned holding grip at the middle makes the carrying task much easier. All-in-all it is a great bag and even if you are a lover of funky and over-the-top bags, you should definitely buy the Dakine boot locker bag if you want to get that regal travelling experience.

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Dakine Snow Boot Locker Travel Bag 69L - Black
Dakine Snow Boot Locker Travel Bag 69L - Black

Product Type: Ski Boot Bag

A skier loves to travel down to the slopes only when he or she is fully equipped and armoured. Ski boots are not the only thing needed to traverse the chilly and rough weather of the snow mountains as it is not only an adventure sport but also many a time it can prove to be a battle for your own survival. However, there is little to worry about when you have boot bags like the Dakine boot locker bag.

Dakine is an American company which specializes in the manufacturing of sports gear, outdoor clothing, and sportswear required for different types of adventurous sports. For those who are not too keen on carrying the conventional backpacks and trolley luggage bags on a ski trip might consider this Dakine boot bag as it is neither a heavy luggage bag nor is it a compact ski boot bag. Here we are going to discuss everything about this modest boot bag in detail which will provide you with some useful insights that you may consider to check for when you are planning to buy this or any other boot bag of your choice.

What we like and what we don't like?

What we like and what we don't like?
What we like and what we don't like?

Dakine ski boot bag is as sophisticated as any ski boot bag can get and with its simple yet handy design, we consider to be one of the best boot locker bags ever! It is not a backpack and consists of two horizontally layered compartments each with tarp base to provide an extra protection to the packed essentials. The lower compartment is for the ski boots and the upper compartment can be used to store other essentials like jackets, helmets, gloves and much more.

Features of Dakine Boot Locker Bag

Perfect separator

Dakine boot locker bags have the perfect separator in the form of tarp layer which keeps the ski boots away from the other essentials that may carry your ski jackets, trousers, etc. The tarp bottom keeps your wardrobe insulated from the dirt and smell of your ski boots especially after using it. Also, it prevents the chances of moisture getting exchanged between the two compartments. The boot section is in the bottom and consists or grommets to let out any bad odour, dirt or moisture that your ski boots might have picked from the adventurous ski rides.

Easy access

The two compartments not only have separate tarp sheets but they also have distinct zippers that make it easy for you to access one section without disturbing the other. Also, the two zipper fasteners on both the compartments ensure that you get to pack and unpack the essentials in a swift and convenient manner.

Comfortable journey

Care is taken to make your journeys a lot comfortable, soothing and happier. Firstly, the bag is not designed to carry a whole lot number of unnecessary things that most ski boot backpacks offer and secondly the design of their handles and shoulder straps is such that it minimizes the efforts required to carry your important skiing essentials. Both these things make your journeys a lot more convenient and you do not get exhausted while carrying them from your hotel room to the skiing location even if you have to walk all the way down the mountain lanes. The top handles are ergonomic and cushioned enough to avoid any discomfort to your hands and palms. The shoulder strap is a long handle that allows you to carry the bag easily on your shoulders. This strap is padded generously to avoid any strain or pressure on your shoulders while carrying the load.


The Dakine ski boot bags are made from premium quality polyester which is sturdy enough to bear different kinds of weather conditions and environmental assaults like rain and snowfall. Even the zippered layers are made from waterproof materials to ensure complete security and safety of your skiing essentials. Therefore, you are able to use this boot bag at any point of the year even though it is specially crafted to bear the chilly weather of winter season.

xxOverall appearance

The Dakine boot locker bag is built to look classy and elegant. It comes in many patterns and types such as single coloured bags, bags with beautiful textures and patterns on the top part, etc. Even though the Dakine boot packs and Dakine women's boot packs are designed to look modern and suave, people still fall for the sophisticated bags of Dakine boot locker bags such as the Dakine boot locker bag 69I. This boot locker bag is available in multiple colours and patterns which provides a whole lot of options to the customers.


As we have told you before, the storage capacity of Dakine boot bag is neither too huge nor too minimal. It is certainly much more than just a boot bag as it has an upper compartment which can accommodate many other essentials such as skiing helmets, skiing gloves, torch, food supplies and other accessories which prove to be crucial at the time of an emergency.

Dakine Boot Locker Bag: Review Video

Detailed Evaluation for Dakine Boot Locker Bag

One thing we like about this Dakine boot bag is that it is not meant for stuffing heavy luggage neither it gets cramped up for space when it comes to packing the skiing essentials. It is one of the few ski boot bags which are specially designed for short trips or weekend tours on the snow-clad mountains. What we do not like about this boot locker bag is the fact that it looks too old-fashioned like the ones out grandpas and grannies use to carry during journeys and occasional visits. However, the classy design isn't too bad either and some people may even love to have it as a change in their already too trendy collection of luggage and backpacks.

SnowGaper's Rating for Dakine Boot Locker Bag: 4.9 / 5


  • Individual compartments for the ski boot bags and other gear make it stand out from the rest.
  • The zippers are large enough to zip and unzip the bag without even having to remove your gloves or mitten.
  • The price of this boot locker bag is very economical.


  • Some people may find the design of this bag to be too old-fashioned.
  • The comfort which a padded backpack provides seems to be missing in such type of boot locker bags.

Our Verdict for Dakine Boot Locker Bag Buyers

Dakine Boot Locker Bag Review
Dakine Boot Locker Bag Review

Dakine boot bag scores in many departments such as easy accessibility of the stored good and essentials, quality of the materials used, overall design and appearance. Although it is a bit inconvenient to carry these types of locker backs as compared to the heavily padded and cushioned backpacks, it is always a nice option to have when your trip is short and luggage is limited. Overall this bag works great for the skiing enthusiasts and the budget-friendly price it comes it makes it all the more appealing and buyable. Definitely buyable!

This was all about the Dakine boot locker bag. Tell us if you have liked or did not like through the comments section.

Adventure is the latest fashion which is trending worldwide today. Let the adventure bee sting you and explore the futuristic sports gear and equipment at economical prices. For more information about the other boot bags on the market, please read our ski boot bag guide.

Till then start preparing for the upcoming weekend and do not forget to add some spice to it by participating in the crazy winter sports!

About Frank V. Persall

Frank is originally from the UK, but he has a passion for skiing that knows no bounds. He has made it his life's mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the World. Frank loves spending time with his wife and three children on ski slopes, as they all share his love for the activity.

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