How to find Cheap Lift Tickets

by Frank V. Persall

What if you can get lift tickets for a cheap price or even for free? Well, we know we won't say no to any discount for sure. Read on to know more.

One thing we can all agree on is that prices for services and commodities always rise at ski resorts whenever it's the on-season and they tend to drop when it's the off-season. Lifts are very important at ski centers because they carry people to the top of the mountain and down the hill. Essentially they move faster which results in a more comfortable experience. Because of this, finding cheap lift tickets is usually challenging.

Considering how expensive ski trips are and the fact that skiing is one of the best ways to create special memories, it is important to find effective ways to save money.

In this guide, we will discuss ways and methods with which you can enjoy discounted lift tickets the next time you go skiing or snowboarding.

How to find Cheap Lift Tickets
How to find Cheap Lift Tickets

How to find Cheap Lift Tickets

1. Liftopia - Link


Liftopia is one of the most popular marketplaces to find discounted tickets for skiers and snowboarders.

The platform is easy to use and they offer different daily discounts for tickets. Depending on the time you check, you might find up to 60 percent off on tickets. One of the best things about Liftopia is that it is available in multiple regions. All you have to do is select the region you want to ski in, the date you plan to ski, and the number of days you will ski for. The platform will then make suggestions for ski centers. There is nearly no ski center you won't find registered on Liftopia. You will also get information on the number of tickets that have special prices on them as well as how the discount works.

Other than discounted and date-specific lift ticket sales, Liftopia also lets skiers make rentals if they need to. You can also enroll for skiing lessons at more than 250 resorts located in North America from the website.

The only drawback you might want to keep in mind with Liftopia is that there are no refunds. However, if you are lucky, you might be able to get vouchers from the ski resort if you cannot use your tickets on the due date due to bad weather or a number of other reasons.

NOTE: Liftopia offers different special price deals for the same tickets at different ski resorts. It is therefore up to you to research the ski resort in the specific region you want to ski that offers the best-discounted ticket sale. So, remember to buy early!

2. REI Co-op Membership

REI has been around since 1938. Now, the company is considered a top brand where you can get premium gear and apparel, expert advice on gear purchase, rental equipment, among others. The company offers a Co-Op membership subscription to all its customers.

This co-op membership offers users some unique benefits that are useful if you are a skier or snowboarder. For instance, you get up to 50 percent off on lift tickets. You also get special discount deals on day and night passes, family passes, ski rentals, etc.

With the membership, all you have to do is visit the company's official website and check out the company's discount ski ticket page.

NOTE: REI Co-op membership-only offers discount lift tickets for select ski resorts. This includes most of the popular resorts so you should have no difficulty finding your favorite resort.

3. Check directly at the Ski Resort

Funny as this might sound, you will be surprised at how often mountain ski resorts have a special discount on their lift tickets.

All you have to do is simply check the resort's website to check their offers and exclusive deals. Most ski resorts offer free night skiing if you are up for it.

One good way to keep yourself up to date on the latest exclusive deals resorts offer is by signing up for their newsletter.

Also, buying tickets very early can sometimes help you save more money.

4. Visit Small Ski Areas

The general notion when it comes to small ski resorts is that they are quite expensive. However, most of these small ski resorts are less commercial which means they offer more personalized experiences to skiers. For instance, they often offer personalized classes for beginning skiers. They are most family-friendly pricing and offer exclusive deals for the family.

A great example is the Colorado Gems Card that you can buy and use at 11 different small ski areas in Colorado. This discount card offers different packages such as 30 percent off lift tickets, two for one lift tickets, etc.

Small Ski areas also offer flash deals for promotional purposes. This is why there are usually more expensive weekend prices compared to midweek prices. For instance, a resort in Massachusetts, Ski Butternut, offers flash deals every weekday except weekends.

So when next you plan to ski, make sure to check smaller ski centers for any upcoming special deals on lift tickets or any other packages; you might find something useful!

5. Checkout Smuggler's Notch, Vermont - Link

Checkout Smuggler's Notch, Vermont
Checkout Smuggler's Notch, Vermont

Another effective way to get discounts or even free tickets is by visiting Smuggler's Notch. The resort is located in Vermont and they offer amazing season passes and special event offers.

You can also get bash badges which give you access to several benefits. Most of these benefits are only good if you ski frequently. You can also get the badge even if you ski less occasionally. For instance, with the badge, you might only have to pay around $20 to $25 for lift tickets. The amount you get to save can quickly become substantial.

6. Visit Groupon - Link

Visit Groupon
Visit Groupon

Groupon is another website where you can get amazing discounts on lift tickets and gear rental. To find the deals, you will have to provide some information such as the region you intend to ski in. You will also find deals if you plan to snowboard.

NOTE: One important thing to keep in mind while finding discount offers is that each offer comes with different requirements. So, ensure you read thoroughly ton know all the terms and conditions you are agreeing to.

7. Get Ski Resort Passes

Ski resort passes are quite popular among skiers since they offer a ton of value. Essentially, the passes let you pay for services at a ski resort at a reduced price. The discount on each service you get to enjoy is fixed for everyone that purchases the pass.

The difference between this and outright discount lift ticket deals is that you have to pay for both the pass to get the discounted lift tickets.

That said, with the pass, you also get discounted lodging, special pricing on dining options available, retail discounts, etc.

8. Ski With a Friend with Buddy Passes

Buddy passes are readily available at ski resorts and they offer skiers a cheaper way to ski. With this pass, you can ski with your friend and enjoy discounted daily lift tickets. That said, the type of discounts you enjoy alongside your friend using the buddy pass varies from season to season.

Usually, a buddy pass is included when you purchase an epic resort pass. There are also "ski with a friend" tickets that are discounted one-day tickets and offer variable savings.

NOTE: To purchase a buddy pass or ticket, you have to have your friend or buddy with you. In case you are confused about the pricing, we also recommend calling the lift ticket office of the resort you are going to for better clarification.

9. Check out kids ski free programs

Family packages are frequently offered by resorts to serve as incentives for families to choose their resort over others. Some of the said resorts even go as far as offering free lifts, lodging, and even free lessons for parents on vacation with their kids provided they stay for a specific number of days.

For instance, Vail Resort Inc. has a resort pass for sale that lets children in kindergarten to 5th-grade ski for free for four to five days.

Most of the resorts that offer this program are based in Colorado, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, among others.

10. Work at a Ski Resort

Although working at a ski resort does not come with jaw-dropping wages, it does come with some pretty good perks. Usually, people who work at a ski resort are given a free season pass, discounted buddy pass, discounts on gear purchases and rentals, and even free skiing or snowboarding lessons.

So, if you are confident of working at a ski resort and getting away with the wages, low as it might be, then certainly go for it!


Hopefully, you now know how to find amazing discount deals for lift tickets when next you go skiing yourself or with your family. And remember, the most efficient way to get discount lift tickers is simply by buying them early. As long as you pay in advance, you will most likely get an exclusive deal that might come in handy when you least expect it.

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Frank is originally from the UK, but he has a passion for skiing that knows no bounds. He has made it his life's mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the World. Frank loves spending time with his wife and three children on ski slopes, as they all share his love for the activity.

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