How Much Does It Cost To Go Skiing

by Frank V. Persall

The first sport most people think of when they are in a snowy environment is skiing. Some people even write it on their bucket list because, well, it is quite expensive and still needs a lot of saving up. For people who want to try skiing for the first time, the big question on their mind is - what is the cost to go skiing. If you want to know how much of your Piggy Bank savings will go into your ski trip, then read on.

Price Of A Ski Trip Holiday
Price Of A Ski Trip Holiday

In this post, I have put together for you the important things you need to know about the cost of skiing. This includes information about ski passes, ski equipment, ski clothes, and other necessary details.

Ski Holiday Cost Breakdown

Before you make that ski trip, you need to understand the breakdown of the cost. You need an average of $100-200 / €80-160 pounds daily. However, the cost may be less when you pay per week.

The money you spend on skiing includes the ski season passes and food, hiring ski clothes. You'd have to budget more than the earlier average for your lessons, accommodations and miscellaneous. We will discuss the full breakdown subsequently.

Cost Of Ski Equipment

When you want to get ski equipment, you have two options. You can choose to buy your own ski gear or use rented ones. When you want to buy your ski, think about how well it can serve you as a beginner.

Although you'd have to spend more initially, buying your own gear means you get to keep it with you for a long time after this first trip. This saves you more in the long run. But then we'd have to compare the costs of renting and buying ski equipment.

The cost of renting skis

When you rent a ski, you can spend about $25 - $45 for a single day. For that, you'll get the ski, the poles, and the boots. With this price range, you'd have to spend about $200 - $400 per week.

When you rent, you get the thrill of using different ski models at different budgets.

Ski Equipment Costs
Ski Equipment Costs

The cost of buying skis

When you buy your own ski, it will cost you around $350 on a one-off purchase. It could be more or less. The boots go for $250 while the poles cost $50. Buying your own ski is cost-effective because if you rent it for some weeks, the costs will accumulate. However factor in the cost of servicing and how long you intend to be skiing before making a choice.

The Cost Of Ski Clothing

It is very important that you keep yourself warm while you ski. Skiing requires wearing many layers of clothes. The past ski clothing was often woolen. They weren't so comfortable and if you happen to fall a lot of times, you have to warm your clothes or wait for it to dry within a few days. But ski clothing has improved in modern times.

When you first start out skiing, you may decide to rent your clothes. However with modern ski clothes being waterproof and able to keep you dry it will be more profitable for you to buy if you intend to continue skiing for a long time. Buying is better for you than having to rent whenever you want to ski.

But if you're just starting out and you are not certain if you'd be skiing again, then renting will be your best bet.

There are a lot of clothing options to choose from. It may cost you about $30 to rent a jacket and trousers per day. You can spend $10 on waterproof ski gloves, $28 on ski goggles and $50 on a ski boot bag. These costs for renting can be contrasted with the $200 you spend buying trousers and pants, the gloves cost $40 while the goggles cost $50 and the helmet is about $60.

Although some people bring their base layers along, if you don't have it you can buy for about $100 and a minimum of $20.

When buying ski clothes, do not try to pinch costs. Spend more on clothing if you want the clothing to be high quality and last long.

The cost of renting ski gear

With all we've discussed so far, you may have noticed that renting ski gear is more beneficial to people who just want to ski for a couple of weeks or more, and then get on with other things in their lives. But for those for whom ski will become a hobby, buying ski gear is a better alternative.

When you wish to rent ski gear during your trip, be prepared to spend this much;

  • Ski boots - $40 (including ski and poles)
  • Jacket - $30
  • Helmet - $15
  • Googles - $8
  • Poles - $40 (including ski boots and ski)
  • Clothing - $20 -$100

The cost of buying ski gear

Apart from having your own perfect fit for the ski gear, it is better because it will be as clean as you keep it when you need it. Also, you can use your ski jackets as a raincoat later on when it rains.

While you may want to go for clothing at a higher price, don't overdo it and ensure that the clothing you pick is durable. Just ensure you get a good gear that will serve you well.

  • Ski boots - $250
  • Jacket - $200
  • Helmet - $60
  • Googles - $50
  • Poles - $50
  • Clothing - $20 - $60

Cost Of Ski Lessons

Price Of Ski Lessons
Price Of Ski Lessons

How do you expect your first-time ski experience to be?

The answer boils down to how well your lessons go. This is also one part of the cost you need to figure out before skiing. Although taking ski lessons is optional you need to have skills that will help you enjoy your experience when you hit the slopes.

The average cost of a ski lesson is $70 per hour. But it is only this high if you are taking personal lessons. The group lessons are often as low as $30. This implies that if you want to train personally for a day, you will spend up to $500 but if you are part of a group, it will cost you about $100.

So this means having your own instructor is expensive. Although the training will be fast because the instructor will concentrate on you. Before you start skiing, check to make sure your feet are hidden in the warm clutches of very good socks.

If you want to split the cost of ski lessons then you can share it with a friend or friends. But before that is done, you and your friend have to be at the same level and learn at the same pace. There are also schools organizing ski lessons that you can register for.

Remember, however, that the instructors provided in these schools will be expensive compared to other kinds. So there are pros and cons to every choice you make.

You will save up more money if you book a lot of lessons, as much as you are able to handle. When you want to take ski lessons, one hour is going to be too short. So opt for a full per day of lessons.

Don't forget however that after the lessons you still have to take a while to become accustomed to the moves and to remember the muscles you used. You also need to build confidence to master the slopes.

Price Of Ski Resorts

Average Price Of Ski Resort
Average Price Of Ski Resort

You should also put into consideration your accommodation and lodging before you plan a ski trip. This might take up the bulk of your expenses. There are options for 5-star hotels, 3-star hotels, and hostels. You will find something within your budget. It is also possible to look in on Airbnb. However, when you use a ski hotel, the cost is higher than what you'd get for that same standard in another location.

Self Catering

Most of the eateries around a ski resort will sell their food at higher sums. But you have the option of coming to the ski resorts with your preferred food choice. If you are staying per day, you can just pack lunch or get something at the supermarket. If you intend to stay for a long time, find accommodation with a functional kitchen.


There are hotels where you can get all the luxury you want. The sauna and steam room service without having to go and find facilities where you can get these services.

Are You with the family

Due to the high demand, many hotels are going to be fully booked. If you couldn't pre-book for you and your family. It is better you get accommodation outside the town. Finding a spacious accommodation at the dying minute will make you likely to get ripped off.

How many nights stay

The number of nights you intend to stay will determine the accommodation to go for. Most people prefer Airbnb if they have to stay for more than a week.

Packages Holiday

In the peak season, there are hotels that offer accommodation packages. This is often cheaper but you may have to search really hard to find it.

Whatever accommodation type you want, you'll get. Just be prepared to pay about 25% extra charges. Don't forget to bring yourself a reusable water bottle for your skiing trip.

Cost Of Travel

Cost Of Family Ski Holiday
Cost Of Family Ski Holiday

One thing to consider when planning a ski trip is the cost of travel. Where you live and the destination you choose determines the kind of transport you'll use (driving or flying). If you are flying then the cost will depend on some other factors apart from the location.

When you buy

If you buy your lift tickets and travel tickets in advance or at the last minute, you can buy it at a lower price. There are all-inclusive ski holiday packages you can try out. This gives you a total rundown of all the costs.

When you go

Your time of travel matters too. If you go during peak season, the average cost of a weeks skiing holiday will be different during the normal season.

Where you go

Going to very expensive and popular ski resorts will incur high costs of traveling. If you have a low budget, you can look out which ski resorts that are not so popular.

Final Words

  • Lift tickets - the average lift ticket costs around $70, but it can vary depending on the resort
  • Rentals - you'll need to rent skis, poles, and boots, which will set you back another $40 or so
  • Lessons - group lessons cost around $30 per person, while private lessons can be upwards of $100
  • Food and drink - expect to pay at least $15 per day for food and drinks
  • Lodging - ski resorts are spread out all over the country, so prices vary greatly; generally speaking, though, expect to pay at least $50 per night for a room

There is no static price for skiing. It is dynamic and depends on which region you go, what season, when you buy lift tickets and many others. However, the experience is worth it.

Skiing can be an expensive hobby. Equipment, lift tickets and lessons add up quickly over the course of a season or winter. Luckily, there are ways to save money on skiing without sacrificing quality time with friends and family members who share your passion for snow sports! The most important thing you can do is figure out what kind of skier you want to be - price-wise that is. There are lots of things you can do in order to minimize costs so take some time today to explore how much it would cost if you were just going once this year versus multiple times throughout the season. Do your research when purchasing equipment so that you don't spend more than necessary on them either because they will last longer or they will

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