Skiing During Pregnancy

by Frank V. Persall

Well, many people will argue that they shouldn’t ski when pregnant; this is because of the heightened danger of falling. But, people might not necessarily be right on this. It has been proven that physical activities can bring exceptional benefits during their pregnancy.

A Woman Skiing Pregnant
A Woman Skiing Pregnant

Why Skiing Pregnant Is Beneficial

For a long time, people have thought that physical actives such as skiing can have adverse effects during pregnancy. These people are wrong. There are so many benefits that not only makes pregnant women happy, but can help with the pregnancy and the baby.

Here is a little list of benefits a pregnant woman can expect during pregnancy:

Pregnant Woman Holding Baby Bump
Pregnant Woman Holding Baby Bump
  • A boost of vital energy
    • It decreases complications such as pre-eclampsia
    • It prepares them for the physical demands with labour
    • They will recover faster after the pregnancy week
    • Less chance of depression
    • Reduced back pain

Preparing for pregnancy is vital; any activity that can make it run smoothly is undoubtedly a great idea. But, the best thing is, it doesn’t just help with labour, it helps the woman. It does this by giving her something to look forward to it will increase her energy, fitness, and make her happy.

Now that sounds like a win!

The Risks Involved

Before she decides whether or not she should go skiing, it’s crucial they know the risks that are involved with skiing. It’s all well and said knowing what the benefits are but, without understanding the dangers, how can they make an informed decision?

So obviously falling over and damaging the babies health would be the number one risk no matter how many weeks pregnant. That being said during the first trimester of pregnancy, there is little to no chance of damaging the babies health. That is because the fetus is safely tucked behind the pelvis for protection.

Another danger is due to the hormones her body produces during her pregnancy. The hormone called Relaxin can cause her ligaments to loosen, which, can lead to joint injuries. Any ligament damage while in pregnancy should be avoided, carrying a baby when they can’t walk will never be a good idea.

As the pregnancy progresses, they gain weight, obviously, but it’s this gain in weight that causes the issue. The change in body shape and size will seriously mess up balance and coordination due to the shift in the center of gravity.

Safety Tips For Pregnant Women Skiing

It’s a well-known fact that nothing in life has zero risks, but, learning to manage risks and rewards of staying safe is a life skill. While most forms of exercise are relatively safe, skiing isn’t one of them. Here are a few tips to ensure her safety if they do decide on going skiing:

Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman
  • Avoid Busy Slopes – It doesn’t matter how experienced they might be, their experience doesn’t account for other people on the run. Being crashed into is a serious probability on a crowded slope, choosing quite a time or slope can help manage the risks.
  • Consider The Altitude – High altitude and pregnant women don’t mix. Before they start skiing, they should give themselves some time to acclimatize. This will decrease the chance of serious injury on the mountain.
  • Knowing There Limits – Being able to evaluate their own capability is vital for a safe skiing trip. Before they fell pregnant, they may have been a competent skier, but, pregnancy takes its toll on the body. They should listen to what their body is telling them if it’s taking its toll on her body she should call it a day.
  • Take Some Time To Relax – Although exercises perfectly good while pregnant. It’s essential to stay relaxed. Stress levels and overexertion can cause the baby harm in the long run. Make sure they stay relaxed and take some much-needed rest off the slope.

Keeping these points in mind before and during the ski trip will help keep her and the baby safe during the pregnancy period.

Finding Maternity Ski Clothes

As always, finding maternity clothes can be an issue, especially in a sport where a lot of people think pregnant women shouldn’t get involved. Having their baby bump overheating can cause problems during pregnancy. For this reason, finding breathable material is a definite bonus when it comes to maternity clothes.

Another thing to look at is whether the material stretches, it’s no secret that the belly grows during pregnancy. Having maternity ski trousers will help in this case, as the belly stretches, so will the clothing.

Look for flexibility around the legs, as mentioned before, balance and coordination diminishes during pregnancy. Adding this to trousers that don’t help manoeuvre, can lead to severe falls, which can damage the baby.

Luckily, many clothing manufacturers are coming round to the idea that pregnant women need ski clothes too. There shouldn’t be a problem any more finding the right ski gear to help during the pregnancy.

Is It Worth The Risk During Pregnancy?

There doesn’t seem to be a wrong or right answer to this question, more of a personal choice. If she is concerned about whether she should go or not, she has two options. She could visit her doctor/midwife or listen to women that have done it themselves.

Hikerbeth mentions on a forum that she skied during both of her pregnancies. She said, ” I was eight months along the last time I skied. I know my abilities and stayed on trails where there was a lower chance of people skiing really fast and out of control”. I took this from the bump forum here.

The answer will always depend on the person if she doesn’t feel comfortable taking the risk they shouldn’t take the chance. But, if they feel comfortable, there is every chance that it will be worth the danger, especially if they are in the first trimester of pregnancy where there is little to no risk of causing harm to the unborn child.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes down to it, it all depends on how the person feels. During the first trimester pregnancy, there is no risk of damaging the baby’s health. After that, its personal discretion, if she feels confident in her capabilities, nothing is stopping her skiing up to the point she gives birth.

If anything they should enjoy themselves while they can, when the baby comes, it will be a lot harder to hit the slopes. They should have fun, not take unnecessary risks, and enjoy some peaceful times with their significant other.

And whatever you do, don’t be a Bridget 🙂

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