Kulkea Boot Trekker Review

by Frank V. Persall

Kulkea boot bags are tailor-made for carrying ski boots and all the other essentials which convert a tedious load carrying task into a happy one. The external sling helps you to store the helmets without causing a hindrance to the essentials in the main compartment. Moreover, it can be washed with water and mild detergent whenever you feel like cleaning it. The TPU base enhances the strength and sturdiness of this bag and its multiple pockets allow you to organise your ski gear in the most convenient manner. Ideal for carrying skiing essentials, this boot bag can also be used for other types of trips like mountaineering as it can be attached with carabineers.

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KULKEA Boot Trekker - Black/Blue
KULKEA Boot Trekker - Black/Blue

Product Type: Ski Boot Bag

Kulkea Boot trekker is nothing but boot bags which are designed to minimize your efforts while carrying ski boot bags and other essentials on an adventurous and thrilling skiing expedite. They are specially manufactured to enable you to carry the luggage easily from your lodge to the car and then on the snowy mountains with ease. Kulkea is a well-known brand which specialises in the manufacturing of ski boot bags and other accessories which provide you with a hassle-free experience for the skiers who like to take their skiing experience to another level by preparing well in advance before an expedition.

Kulkea boot trekker is an excellent boot bag which allows you to remain calm and confident while setting out on an adventurous skiing trip as it can accommodate everything from helmets to ski boots, from gloves to ski tools and much more. The speciality of this ski boot bag is its formidable quality and user-friendly design which assists you at every stage of your journey and actual ski rides as well. While carrying it you feel like a soldier who is in a war with a harsh climate and its atrocities!

What we like and what we don't like?

The first and the foremost thing we noticed about this boot trekker is its amazing design. Nothing looks like a custom made for skiing as this bag with its isosceles design that encompasses two side compartments which do not hamper the central space at all. Only a few bags have managed to do that and as far as design is concerned we have not seen anything as meticulous and user-friendly as Kulkea boot trekker bags.

Features of Kulkea Boot Trekker

Solid construction

The high-quality nylon used in its construction makes it solid, durable and weatherproof. Moreover, its water-resistant quality allows you to carry it anywhere irrespective of whether it is snowing or raining heavily. The zippers used are of premium quality and do not break or give away easily. Rolled seams and everlasting double stitches ensure that the bag remains functional for a long time. Also, perfectly sized grommets drain away all the dirt and impurities and also ensure proper ventilation inside the bag. As a result, your ski boots remain safe and dry at all times. They also come with side ventilation system which circulates fresh air inside and stale air outside the bag. The tarpaulin bottom ensures that the ski gear remains safe and dry when you place the bag on damp surfaces.ComfortKulkea boot bag comes with padded shoulder straps that make you journeys a lot convenient and hassle-free. The waist straps enable the users to carry the bags with more comfort and security. The ergonomic top handle is made from soft rubber and is textured perfectly to provide comfort to the buyer while picking it up and handling it. The size of the shoulder straps and waist straps can be adjusted according to the frame size and comfort requirements of the user. All these features make it a user-friendly and travel-friendly ski boot bag.


The ingenious design of this Kulkea boot trekker bag not only makes it an ideal ski boot bag but also makes it a perfect bag for all kinds of journeys and adventurous trips. The helmet sling bag inside the central compartment allows you to carry the helmet easily but you can even stash it to make more room for the other essentials.


The central section of Kulkea boot bag is big enough to store a helmet, skiing goggles, jackets, water bottles, snack containers and much more easily. The side compartments are meant to store the ski boots and are large enough to accommodate big boots as well. The front of the bag is integrated with glove pockets and their smart position allows you to access the gloves at any point of your journey without disturbing any of your other ski gears. It is also integrated with two pockets on the sides which allow you to store a packet of chips, socks or such other smaller items. The pocket which is located at the top can be stashed with small tools or make-up accessories. Kulkea boot bags even come with webbing straps that can be used to fix carabineers.

Style & Appearance

It is a very thoughtfully designed ski bag which adds more to the functionality rather than the appearance. It does not have a stunning or fancy appearance but it certainly looks decent enough to carry it with pride. People with tiny frames may look funny while carrying this huge bag but at the same time it can be adjusted so that they feel comfortable at the least. Moreover, it also comes with many colour combinations such as black-blue, grey-smoke blue, grey-orange-black and much more which provides plenty of options to the buyers.User-friendlyThe straps can be stashed when not in use. Even the helmet can be stowed in the pocket located at the front. Also, this ski boot bag can be adjusted in most of the overhead compartments and lockers. The light reflective edging and zips make it recognizable in the dark as well. It also comes with a sternum strap for extra grip and safety. All these features make it a travel-friendly and user-friendly ski bag.

Kulkea Boot Trekker: Review Video

Detailed Evaluation for Kulkea Boot Trekker

An amazing aspect is its large storage space that can accommodate even lunch boxes and water refills apart from all the other ski gear. The zippers glow in the dark and it also consists of an ID holder which makes this ski boot bag a lot more exclusive and buyable. One thing we did not like about the Kulkea ski boot bag is its expensive price but when we consider the tons of features and quality of this bag we have to admit that it is not overly priced. Also, don't forget to check our top 10 ski boot bag review post to compare with other bags.

SnowGaper's Rating for Kulkea Boot Trekker: 4.6 / 5


  • The design of Kulkea boot trekker ski bag is fully functional and travel-friendly.
  • The materials used are sturdy and make this boot bag tough and reliable.
  • A large range of colour combinations provides plenty of choices to all.
  • The storage space is large and sufficient to carry all the ski gear and tools.
  • Kulkea ski boot bag is suitable for air travel as well.
  • Extra padding and reinforced cushions ensure that you do not feel even a trace of discomfort while carrying the bag.


  • The price of this ski boot bag is on the expensive side.
  • The appearance is not that visually pleasing.
  • It is more suitable for long trips.

Our Verdict for Kulkea Boot Trekker Buyers

Kulkea Boot Trekker Review
Kulkea Boot Trekker Review

Kulkea boot trekker bags are suited for long adventurous and skiing expedites. Though they are perfect for carrying ski gear and ski boots, a short weekend trip might not require something a huge as this bag. Also, considering that it is pretty expensive than regular ski boot bags you can actually analyze whether you should invest in it or not. The premium quality materials used in it make it super ready for extreme conditions and expedites and if you do not see yourself in such conditions then there is no point in buying a professional ski boot bag like this. On the other hand, if you are a regular skier who loves to test the limits of your endurance and ability then you must definitely buy this extravagant ski boot bag from Kulkea.

Kulkea boot trekker is ingeniously designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience in any hostile condition. It can accommodate warm jackets, caps and other things that too in its frontal pockets so that you can access it any time you feel like.

About Frank V. Persall

Frank is originally from the UK, but he has a passion for skiing that knows no bounds. He has made it his life's mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the World. Frank loves spending time with his wife and three children on ski slopes, as they all share his love for the activity.

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