Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Review

by Frank V. Persall

Thule Roundtrip boot backpack is an extremely sturdy and well-structured boot bag. It is ideal for skiers as they can carry their helmets, socks, gloves and even a jacket in it. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then this model is a bit on the costlier side. The availability of options when it comes to designs and colours is very limited. Thule boot bag is comfortable and convenient to handle due to its numerous grab handles. It is a good deal for the people who would not mind investing few bucks extra for quality and comfort.

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Thule RoundTrip 205101 Boot Backpack, Black
Thule RoundTrip 205101 Boot Backpack, Black

Product Type: Ski Boot Bag

Skiing is not an easy sport but the task to carry the skiing essentials to the spot from where you wish to start your ride is also not a cakewalk by any means. Some people like to travel light whereas some people like to be well equipped and they choose the boot bag according to their preferences. Thule Roundtrip boot backpack is tailor-made for the people who like to be sorted and organized. If you are an individual who likes to pack things a day before your actual trip then you must resort to the Thule backpack since it gives you ample of space for carrying your ski boots, goggles, helmet, water bags and much more and that too in a well-organized manner. Today, we are going to learn everything about the Thule backpack in this Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Review.

What we like and what we don't like?

We like the location of the compartment which is meant for the ski boots. Most of the bags come with sidecompartments for boots but this backpack has one in the rear which is big enough to carry both your ski boots. This also means that you have a free access to the ski boots whenever you feel like without having to shuffle any of the other items of your luggage.

Features of Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack

Features of Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack
Features of Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack


Thule roundtrip boot backpack is not a huge bag that carries all the stuff in one big compartment but it is a user-friendly bag which is structured ingeniously with large, small and medium-sized compartments so that you can carry your accessories in a fuss-free manner. It comes with a huge front pocket to tuck-in your helmet and one big pocket is there on each side just to carry warm clothes like the mitten, gloves, mufflers, and other smaller items which you may require when it is freezing cold out there. Also, if you like to travel with goggles we have a separate hard case compartment made especially for the sensitive items like camera, goggles, etc. Moreover, the rear compartment is huge enough to carry boots of any size. All these features make Thule ski boot bag an all-in-one boot backpack.


Thule backpack is made for the adventure lovers since it comes with huge shoulder straps that hug you comfortably from the back so that you do not feel stretched up while walking with them at different places. It is not oversized and it does not make it difficult for you to stuff it into the backside of your car. Moreover, it has a sufficiently cushioned back pad which ensures that your back won't hurt while carrying some heavy and rigid essentials. It also can be connected with the ski bags and snowboard bags of Thule just in case you are travelling with two or more ski kits. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to carry it while travelling by air, bus, train or any other modes of transport. Moreover, the rear compartment has a flap style zipper which can be completely opened to convert it into a base for placing your ski boots just to dry it up a little before packing it after a ski-drive.


It certainly does not don exceptional looks but there is hardly anything to complain about its looks either. It looks perfectly professional with its pitch dark black colour and contrasting bright coloured interiors. It has few vibrant strings and patterns which make it look good but nothing special to sweep you away from your feet. The brand name carved on the front and the sides of this bag make it look cool in its own way. This bag comes in black colour or a combination of bright blue and black colour. Professional skiers and mountaineers will love its design as they know the fact that this backpack is meant to provide you comfort and convenience and not to impress your neighbours and relatives as they will not be behind you while you trot your way up and down the slopes of a hill or mountain.HygienicThe boot compartment of the Thule Roundtrip ski boot bag comes with grommets which keep the insides of your bag clean and ventilated even if you are carrying used ski boots. It also vents out the accumulated snow or moisture picked up by the interiors and exteriors of your ski boots during the expedition. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it gets easily cleaned and dusted and does not have those extra fancy designs or patterns on the exterior that only bring back leaves, dust, and garbage while returning back to your home. The tarpaulin bottom of this bag is hard enough to bear shocks and turbulence during a freaky adventurous trip and the lockable zippers of this Thule backpack ensure that you carry your essentials in a safe and secure way. However, you will have to buy the lock by yourself as it is not provided in the package.

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Detailed Evaluation for Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack


It is full of compartments which allow the skiers to pack all their essentials in an organized way. However, it gets too bulky for the occasional skiers who are happy by carrying a couple of more essentials other than the ski bags. Also, the overall look and appearance of this bag is not that impressive but who cares for looks when you are on the top of a snowy mountain.

SnowGaper Rating for Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack: 4.5 / 5


  • Numerous compartments of Thule ski boot backpack make it a perfect choice for the travelers andskiers who love to travel in a neat and organized way.
  • The zippers of this bag can be locked which makes this backpack a lot safer than most of the otherbackpacks.
  • Huge and padded shoulder straps ensure that you remain comfortable even during hectic walking and climbing trips.
  • A heat resilient and sturdy pocket is provided to store your goggles or other fragile items of smaller size.
  • There is ample space for lunch boxes and water bottles as well which makes it a complete travel bag for skiing enthusiasts.


  • Thule backpack is not big enough to accommodate snowboards. It is a medium sized backpack not meant for long outdoor trips. Also, it can prove to be too huge for short trips and everyday use.
  • It is a costly ski boot backpack by any standard. Most people may prefer a similar backpack at half itsprice even if they might be missing on its quality and durability.
  • Some buyers complain that it is very tough to make the back panel of its rear compartment stay low as it springs back every time you try to push it down.
  • It looks a bit like a kids backpack as it lacks modern design and functionalities.

Our Verdict for Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Buyers

Some ski boot bags are meant only to carry skiing boots and a few essentials. However, this ski boot bag of Thule is good enough to carry a wide range of skiing essentials which makes it all the more purchase worthy. Thule backpack is convenient for both beginners and professionals and therefore, we recommend it to everyone. You can explore more bags for ski boots here.

Do not look any further if you have an all-rounder like the Thule Roundtrip boot bag. Enjoy skiing and give a real treat to your adventurous soul!

About Frank V. Persall

Frank is originally from the UK, but he has a passion for skiing that knows no bounds. He has made it his life's mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the World. Frank loves spending time with his wife and three children on ski slopes, as they all share his love for the activity.

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