30 Of The Best And Worst Skiing Pick Up Lines

by Frank V. Persall

What's the point of life without exhilaration, a racing heart, passion, and an exultant rise to the top?

We all know the feeling well; the crazed thrill of a wild ride, with the risk of failure balanced against the glory of success... Ultimately, ending with you sweating, soaking wet, out of breath, breathing heavily and full of ecstasy as you rest at the end!

30 Of The Best And Worst Skiing Pick Up Lines

Skiing Pick Up Lines
Skiing Pick Up Lines

We're talking about skiing, of course!

...Okay, so, it turns out that love and skiing have got some things in common. Who would've guessed?

We scraped the web for all the best (and worst) skiing pick up lines out there, for those lovebirds who are still searching for a soulmate on the slopes. Use at your own caution, though if you end up getting married, we aren't liable to pay for the wedding.

  1. I noticed you were in the singles line, earlier...
  2. You know, I can't see through these goggles at all, but if I could, I'm sure it'd be love at first sight.
  3. Not to brag, but I've got pretty amazing edge control.
  4. You must be a boot fitter, you're making my tongue stiff!
  5. I bribed the lift guy to stop the ride. We might as well get to know each other.
  6. The snow was wetter than usual today. Wonder why.
  7. I didn't know angels needed a chairlift. Are you getting off at the top, or continuing to Heaven?
  8. Do you wax those skis by hand?
  9. Are your hands cold? Don't worry, my pants are warm.
  10. They're saying the piste is gonna freeze and get real hard tonight. Do you know what else will?
  11. I hope the lift is secure, I think I'm falling for you...
  12. There's snow way I'm not getting your number!
  13. Woah, have they been doing avalanche control? I found a bombshell!
  14. If you hurt your knee, you can elevate it on my shoulder.
  15. Want to see my new backflip? I'm doing it right now I'm head over heels!
  16. Don't worry if you lose a pole; I always take 3.
  17. I'm trained and equipped to clear snow. That's why you'll hear people saying I'm a pro at heavy-duty ploughing.
  18. They say I've got an ava-lung because I never come up for air.
  19. I'm glad I bought spare socks… You're giving me cold feet.
  20. How do you clean snow from your goggles? Cuz I can just use my tongue, for mine.
  21. Uh oh, it's getting colder. We might need to share body heat.
  22. This lift is too slow, I know a much better way to raise us all the way up to Cloud 9.
  23. Why is it so windy? I think you're blowing me away!
  24. Maybe I'm a snowflake… I think I'm falling for you.
  25. Can I borrow your trail map? I'm lost in your eyes.
  26. Do you share your ski equipment? I'd love to get in your pants
  27. Sorry, but you need to leave the mountain. You're melting all the snow.
  28. You know, I've got an extra pair of knee pads in my lodge...
  29. If you get caught by an avalanche, don't worry I'm a certified pro at probing.
  30. The weather's calling for 5 inches… But I can show you 12.

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Originally from the UK, Frank has a passion for skiing and anything snow related. He is currently on a never ending mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the the World. Frank is happiest when he is on ski slopes with his wife and three children.

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