Best Ski Boot Dryers: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2021

by Frank V. Persall

You want to go for skiing, but you are worried about your shoes getting wet. Well, you are not alone. Wet boots ruin your fun and may hurt your health. Not only this, wet ski boots stop working when they get wet. It is not easy to dry them without using a proper procedure.

Therefore, it is time to invest in the best ski boot dryer. Your boots will get dry without hassle. Best of all, they will remain in perfect condition. It is a blessing for hikers, skiers, campers and hunters. If you stay outside for a long time, you will instantly love the dryer.

The boot dryer heats and blows warm air through the ski boot. It takes more than half an hour to dry the ski boots. The duration depends on the setting and power. However, very wet boots may take more time.

Top Ski Boot Dryers by Editors

Well, there are many ski boot dryers available. Choosing the right dryer seems intimidating. That's why this article has reviewed the best ski boot dryers available on amazon. To further help you in your buying journey, one section provides you with a buying guide. Lastly, you can also learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions available in the FAQ section of this article. You will take away with you tons of valuable information related to Ski boot dryers.

Without further wasting time, let get started.

Top 5 Best Ski Boot Dryers

Top 5 Best Ski Boot Dryers
Top 5 Best Ski Boot Dryers

1. PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer - Link

PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer
PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

Key features:

  • The dimensions are 13.25 x 13.25 x 9.75 inches
  • Weight is 6 pounds
  • Dries within one to four hours
  • Heat type is convection

Since 1968, PEET has been manufacturing boot dryers. Their products are worth buying. Its list of wonderful products includes the Advantage 4-shoe Electric Express Shoe boot dryer. It is a perfect product for your dry ski boots.

PEET 4-Shoe Electric Boot Dryer comes with a fan that assists it in the drying process. This versatile dryer removes sweat, odor from your boots. Thus, your feet will remain dry, healthy and comfortable. It is ideal for snowboard, hiking and ski boots.

Further, it features four cylinders. That means it will dry your two pairs of ski boots at once. Not only this, it dries your wet boots within one to four hours. Unlike traditional ski boots dryers that only use heat, this dryer uses air to quickly evaporate moisture. In addition to that, you can set the temperature by using dials. You can also set the timer so that the dryer automatically turns off. This auto-off timer is beneficial for you if you forget to turn your dryer off. Best of all, it will never overheat your ski boots. Rest assured, it will not damage the material of ski boots. That said, it safely dries rubber, leather, synthetic, vinyl, fleece and many more.

Further, this dryer is sturdy enough to bear the weight of ice skates or ski boots. You can even dry your gloves and hats on the dryer.

Above all, the PEET dryer comes with five year warranty. Now, you do not need to spend extra money on ski boot dryers. This durable dryer will stay with you for years to come.

On top of everything, this dryer has received the highest ratings on Amazon. It has earned the label of Amazon's choice. If you want to learn more about its functions, go and read the reviews. Customers have used it to dry out their gloves. Many users are admiring the timer.

Pros Cons
  • Dries two pairs of ski boots at once
  • Suitable for gloves
  • Removes the sweat
  • Includes heat and blower
  • The voice of the dryer is too loud
  • Expensive

2. PEET The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer - Link

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer

Key features:

  • The dimensions are 10.5 x 4.75 x 13.25 inches
  • Weight is 2.7 pounds
  • Heat type is convection
  • Dries one pair of ski boots

PEET is known for its brilliant ski boots. This Original 2-Shoe Electric Boot dryer is a high-quality dryer. If you need only one pair of ski boots, this excellent dryer is ideal for you. What you will love most about this dryer is it does not make any noise. It will dry your boots without making a loud noise. Yes, you heard it right. Now you don't have to tolerate the loud noise. Also, you don't need the help of a fan in the drying process. However, it takes about 8 hours to dry properly. When it dries your boots completely, your ski boots will be deodorized as well as dry.

Besides that, this silent dryer pushes warm air gently through DryPorts and AirChambers to dry your footwear. It is ideal for drying boots, shoes and athletic footwear. It is the perfect dryer for your gear and outdoor footwear. The sturdy base plugs into any 110-120 US household volt. This dryer is so efficient that you can keep it plugged in throughout the day. This exceptional boot dryer is ready all day.

Another admirable thing about this dryer is that it consumes less electricity than a light bulb. It handles every material easily. Also, it removes the odor and neutralizes any smell.

This dryer is great for travelling. It will occupy a small space in your large suitcase. Be careful in stuffing it. However, it is better to put it in your car. What really stands out are extenders for knee boots. It will efficiently dry your knee boots.

In terms of pricing, the cost of this dryer is less in comparison to its outstanding performance. One more thing, it will last for many years.

Big new is PEET offers 25 years warranty with the dryer. Yes, it is true. In case it fails to perform its functions, you can return it. No questions asked.

Pros Cons
  • Dries the boots silently
  • Takes less electricity
  • Deodorizes the boots
  • Safe to use on all materials and footwear
  • Takes a long time to dry the boots
  • Heat temperature does not increase when drying the wet ski boots.

3. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer - Link

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer
DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

Key features:

  • The dimensions are 18 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight is 5 pounds
  • Dries two pairs of boots

DryGuy makes brilliant boot dryers. Its Forced Air Boot dryer is top notch. If you are skiing with your partner, this dryer is a great choice. This little machine dries four boots simultaneously. It is an awesome shareable dryer.

As the dryer has four tubes, you can use it in many ways. For instance, you can dry your gloves and ski boots at the same time. You can also dry your walking boots and ski boots. But that's not all; this mind blowing dryer has two extension tubes. They are 16 inches tall. Dry your taller boots with this Air Boot dryer.

Usually, many boots dryers get negative reviews because of the loud noise. That's why many buyers are looking for silent boot dryers. DryGuy knows the needs of its customers very well. For its customers, it made this dryer which is efficient and not noisy. This dryer has a rotary blower. Thus, it will be as silent as possible during the drying process.

It will not take ages to dry your boot. Give it two hours, and you will get dry boots. After that, you can dry your gloves. That said, it heats up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With this dryer, your boots and gloves will be ready for the next day. It is not too hot to cause damage to your ski boots or any other item.

In addition to that, this versatile dryer kills odors and eliminates bacteria. It will protect your feet from the dangers of dirty and untidy boots.

But here is the best thing, this dryer comes at a low price. It has positive reviews on Amazon. With these worth admiring features, you will also get one year warranty.

Pros Cons
  • Dries boots and other items in two hours
  • Kills bacteria
  • Not noisy
  • Affordable
  • Not portable
  • Stiff timer dial

4. DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer - Link

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, and Glove Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots OPEN BOX
DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, and Glove Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots OPEN BOX

Key features:

  • The dimensions are 8.5 x 3.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight is three pounds
  • Dries one pair of ski boots
  • Heats up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

If you are looking for a versatile dryer, go for a Force Dry boot dryer.

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer is a portable and collapsible boot dryer. This lightweight dryer is perfect for travelling. Thus, it is a compact dryer that you can easily put into your suitcase and go skiing. The base is small, and the air chambers are not tall. It comes with flexible two arms. The best thing is you can rotate two arms 180 degrees. That said, its rotatable arms distinguish this dryer from other boot dryers.

Further, the ports can dry any boots. It will give maximum stability to your heavy boots. Within two hours, your shoes will be ready for you. Not only this, the force boot dryer features three hour timer. The automatic timer prevents your dryer from staying on for a long time. Sleep peacefully while this dryer dries your shoes at a prescribed time. And yes, it will not cook your boots.

Above all, this dryer utilizes the forced air to heat at 205-degree Fahrenheit. The heat removes the moisture and kills the bacteria. Your boot dryer will never overheat, nor will they infected with fungus. It is important to note that this dryer is safe to use. It will not damage the delicate fabric and fit liners. Also, it will not shrink and warp your ski boots. Dry your gloves, scarves and hats with this dryer. If you want to dry your wet gloves, this boot dryer will do the job.

Its brilliant list of features also includes a 6-foot power cord and height settings that are adjustable.

This fantastic dryer is affordable. There is no match for this boot dryer. Keep in mind that you can dry one pair of ski boots one at a time.

In addition to that, the DryGuy dryer comes with one year warranty. If something goes wrong, you can return it. Take full advantage of the one-year warranty.

Pros Cons
  • Dries boots in two hours
  • Rotating ports are feasible
  • Safe to dry delicate garments
  • Suitable for gloves and shoes
  • Arms need the support of wall if boots are heavy
  • The quality of the material is low

5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer - Link

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer, Orange
DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer, Orange

Key features:

  • The dimensions are ‎ 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight is one pound
  • Available in black
  • Integrated fan

At a mere one pound, this lightweight boot dryer is a great device. This compact boot dryer sticks in each boot. Unlike other portable dryers, it combines forced air with traditional convection to dry the inside areas of your ski boot. So, the next day you will get warm and dry shoes. The fan is at the front of the dryer. It removes the moisture from your shoes. Further, the open and slim frame works well with dry pods to circulate warm air throughout the ski boots.

This compact size boot dryer is ideal for travelling. Take the dryer with you wherever you go.

DX boot dryer features AC/DC power adaptor. Now, you can charge your dryer in your car or at home. This feature makes this dryer is a great accessory for outdoor trips. In terms of usability, it can accommodate any style of footwear. You can even dry other items, too. Don't worry, it will not cause any damage to garments. Dry your gears with DryGuy DX boot dryers.

Besides its features, the maximum temperature of heat is ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit. This hybrid dryer will take up to five hours to dry your shoes.

This dryer sanitizes your boots. Your shoes will always be safe from mildew, bacteria or fungus. In this way, the lifespan of your shoes will increase. No awful odor will ruin your ski boots.

This footwear device provides exceptional features at a minimal cost. The heat convection is a great value addition to this device.

Beyond that, DryGuy offers a warranty of one year. Return it if it fails to impress you.

Pros Cons
  • Hybrid system
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Warms boots, gloves without damage
  • Eliminates odor and bacteria
  • Not as powerful as other big boot dryers
  • Customer service is not good

How to Select the Best Boot Dryer- Buying Guide

If you want to buy a ski boot dryer, you must know the essentials factors. Every best boot dryer must meet your needs. If it fails to do so, you may want to look for a new one. Unfortunately, you will spend extra cost on the new boot dryer. This section provides you buying guide to save your money and time. You will learn the essential aspects of a boot dryer.

Let's dive in

Heat Types

It is necessary to know the type of heat a boot dryer uses. If you want to determine the heat type of heat in the dryer, check its heat level. Paying attention to heat is also worth of time. You might also want to observe the process of producing heat by a dryer.

Usually, the boot dryers have a convection heat or forced-air system. Both models work differently. The forced air dryer circulates air throughout the boots and operates quicker. On the other hand, a convection dryer takes a long time to supply heat to dry your ski boots. Though they do not work quickly, they remain silent when drying.

Besides, check the manual to know the temperature of the dryer. The dryer will low temperature takes more time to dry than the one with a high temperature. That said, be mindful of the temperature when purchasing.

Further, a top-notch quality ski boot dryer includes different levels of heat. You can adjust the heat level to the temperature you like.


Another worth mentioning factor is the capacity of the dryer. Here capacity indicates the number of boots you want your dryer to dry simultaneously. Few boot dryers handle multiple pairs of shoes at once.

The best method of figuring out the capacity is to know the number of skiers in your skiing party. If you are skiing with other skiers, it is better to invest in a dryer that can dry multiple pairs of shoes simultaneously. After all, your friends will want a dryer to dry their wet shoes at once. A day on the slopes and your ski boots will get wet. You and your skiers' family will want soaked shoes the next day. Hence, a dryer with extra tubes will serve your drying needs. These tubes quicken the process of drying.

Consequently, one pair capacity boot dryer works fine for one person.


A portable ski boot dryer is something you will need while travelling. A small boot dryer is easy to transport when you plan to do lots of snowboarding and skiing.

Luckily, many dryers are lightweight and small enough to fit in your suitcase. If you are a travelling skier, there are portable dryers available. The portable dryers fit easily in luggage.


Sturdy construction in a boot dryer is a must. You should check the tubes of the dryer. Know whether tubes will hold your boots for a long time or not. For that, you can read the reviews of boot dryers. Also, read the product description given by manufacturers. This way, you will get exposure to how the boot dryer performs its operation in reality.


In general, most boot dryers have rubber, neoprene and leather material. Before buying, you need to know the materials of your boots. This way, you will find out whether the dryer is compatible with your ski boots or not. Otherwise, there will be no point in using the boot dryer. In addition to that, you must also verify the drying time of the dryer.

Easy To Use

This factor is necessary to consider. The number one reason for selecting a product is how easy it is to use. Indeed, you do not want to spend money on something that requires extra efforts to operate. The good news is most dryers are easy to use. All they need you is to turn them on and place your ski boots. When buying, check how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use A Dryer For My Ski Boots?

The best answer is to dry your boots at a faster rate. There are many reasons to use boot dryers. The first one is it removes sweat from your ski boots. Unlike heaters or a fireplace, it will never damage your ski boots. As the temperature of the dryer is adjustable, it will not burn your ski boots like heaters.

When Can I Use A Ski Boot Dryer?

It depends on the frequency of your boots getting wet. When your ski boots are wet, use the dryer. Not only it will dry your boot, but it will also eliminate any odor. It will kill bacteria. A ski boot dryer will dry your shoes so that you can store them with other gear.

How Long Does It Take A Ski Boot Dryer To Dry Shoes?

The convection model boot dryer takes a long time to dry. Whereas; forced-air boot dryer takes less time to dry boots. Some boot dryers take up to two hours. However, few dryers dry ski boots in five hours or more. The product specifications will help you with your drying requirements.

How Many Boots Can A Boot Dryer Dry Simultaneously?

The answer to this question entirely depends on the model you are willing to buy. Some dryers dry only one pair of shoes. Others dry multiple pairs of shoes at once. You can dry four pairs of ski boots at a time. Few dryers have additional ports for drying gloves.

Final Words

Ski boot dryers are the best investment for your ski boots. Along with drying your ski boots, boot dryers also avert odor and bacteria. You can go skiing without worrying about your feet health. When it comes to purchasing boot dryers, it is confusing to find one. You have to search tirelessly on the internet. However, this article has saved your time by enlightening you with the best ski boot dryers. Not only this, the buying guide and FAQ sections ensured that you get everything on one page.

Lastly, you are leaving with a treasure trove of information. Indeed, this information will help you in your buying journey. Now, buy yourself an ideal ski boot dryer. Enjoy skiing to the fullest.

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