10 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet In 2021

by Frank V. Persall

Do you have wide feet and find it hard to get the right pair of ski boots? You should be able to enjoy your ski trip without worrying about your feet. We review the best ski boots for wide feet to help you pick the best fit for you. No more hobbling back to your chalet, you can ski for as long as you want, not as long as your ski boots let you.

We review a wide range of the best ski boots for wide feet to give you the pros and cons of each so you can pick the most comfortable ones for you. See our tips on how to get the right fit. Here is a list of boots we'll be reviewing:

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Reviews

To ensure your ski trip isn't ruined by sore feet, or ski boots holding you back from improving your skiing, check out our tips on choosing wide fitting ski boots.

Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S Wide Ski Boots - Link

Atomic HAWX Ultra 110 S Ski Boot Dark Blue/Red, 25.5
Atomic HAWX Ultra 110 S Ski Boot Dark Blue/Red, 25.5
These ski boots offer a 100-flex rating and EZ step-in feature. The EZ step-in feature includes a wide tongue and a soft plastic insert to get your foot in easier.

They are a great fit for those with wide feet as they are 102mm wide. It is best for medium builds and strengths with medium stiffness.

It includes 3m Thinsulate insulation for warmth and the silver liner is partially thermosettable so it can be molded at the heel.

The memory fit shell means it can be heated up and molded to your shape to optimize performance which makes it one of the best ski boots for wide feet.

This boot can be worn anywhere on the mountain and is stable and precise.

The top of the foot, calf, and cuff is a good fit for wider feet and allow your toes to move. The boots have a powershift, but this is softer than other Atomic models.

The silver liner provides an even support, so parts of your feet don't become sore.

What we like

  • 3m Thinsulate insulation for warmth and the EZ step-in feature.

What we don't like

  • Only partially heat mouldable. The silver liner doesn't have as much heat mouldable material as other makes.

Head Advant Edge 75 Ski Boot - Link

HEAD Unisex Advant Edge 75 Allride Ski Boots, Anthracite/Black-Yellow, 270
HEAD Unisex Advant Edge 75 Allride Ski Boots, Anthracite/Black-Yellow, 270

The Head Advant Edge 75 is good for beginners and occasional skiers. It has a sports sole with a frame, made with stiff plastic to control the heel.

The boots include Duo flex which is a Hi-top design so when the boot hits the duo flex there is rebound to stay more upright allowing you to make turns with greater stability.

There are four adjustable buckles and a super macro ratchet for customization.

It is an easy entry with a soft flex which is more forgiving. The liner is Thermo-mouldable to mold to the shape of your feet. The liner prevents pressure points with its cushioned support.

There is room in the toe box to wriggle your feet, so they don't become stiff and prevent blood circulation.

The shell design is innovative with a power-efficient design, making it different from other boots on the market. It uses Hi-top tech to provide immediate transmission of energy to the ski.

The leg presses against the upper cuff in a more upright position even through turns. This means you only have to get a five-degree range of motion for pressure so you can conserve energy.

What we like

  • The innovative and power-efficient design and quality construction.

What we don't like

  • It only suits beginners and occasional skiers so you could grow out of this quickly, and ski boots aren't cheap.

Nordica Cruise 60 Ski Boots - Link

Nordica Cruise 60 Ski Boots 2019 Black/Anthracite/Red 28.5
Nordica Cruise 60 Ski Boots 2019 Black/Anthracite/Red 28.5

The Nordica Cruise 60 has a natural foot stance which gives better control and is usually only seen in higher-end boots.

It is a great choice for wider feet as it is 104mm wide and suitable for a wide forefoot and a medium to wide-leg shape. The toe material allows your toes to flex so they won't get squashed and cold.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate skiers it has eye-catching buckles, two of which are micro-adjustable.

The high traction soles make walking easier and the comfortable fit liner provides padding to support your feet.

The power strap is 30mm to create comfort and more control for the lower leg. It has a flex rating of 60.

What we like

  • Natural foot stance design. Usually, only higher-end boots have this.

What we don't like

  • There is less customization with only 2 adjustable buckles.

Salomon X Access 80 Wide Ski Boots - Link

Salomon QST Access 80 Ski Boots Mens Sz 9/9.5 (27/27.5) Black/Beluga/Acid Green
Salomon QST Access 80 Ski Boots Mens Sz 9/9.5 (27/27.5) Black/Beluga/Acid Green

These boots are great for both beginners and advanced skiers. With 104mm width with more room at the cuff, and 80 flex they are good for wider feet.

The calf adjustment allows you to modify the amplitude of the shoe for you. These are lightweight and prioritize comfort before the performance.

The micrometric settings mean the skier can adjust each buckle for the right fit. They come with a flex sport liner with deformation zones in strategic places to ensure comfort. The flex zones in the ankle, calf, and toe make for a comfy fit.

The oversized pivot reduces any play between the cuff and the foot which improves performance.

There is more lateral stiffness which increases response and control. The shell and cuff are more flexible, and it is easy to slide your foot in.

The twin frame increases the rigidity which enables energy to transfer from the skier to the skis better. This is great for all leg shapes which helps if you have smaller feet but a wide calf and the aesthetic is appealing with a bright and attractive style.

What we like

  • The boots look eye-catching, they are lightweight and suit all leg shapes.

What we don't like

  • This boot prioritizes comfort before the performance so it may slow you down in progressing your ski game. There is also not a lot of customization with this model compared to others.

Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL Ski Boots - Link

Tecnica Mach Sport 70 HV Ski Boots 2021-25.5/Black
Tecnica Mach Sport 70 HV Ski Boots 2021-25.5/Black
These boots have the widest fit of any other ski boot at 106mm.

While that is the case, they are suitable for a medium leg shape. For beginners to intermediate skiers, these boots are easy to get your feet into as the tongue comes forward.

The Quick Instep Max with a softer plastic over the top of the foot making it easy to slide in and out.

Tecnica provides a high-volume liner which is an UltraFit HVL liner to be heated to customize to your shape. The buckles are micro-adjustable to fit your shape of the foot and the 35mm power strap creates a secure fit.

Tecnica includes i-Rebound construction which helps with forward flex resistance. It gives added rebound and control over your skies while the metal-on-metal connection at the back makes it stiff to give stability.

What we like

  • This boot has the biggest width of any other.

What we don't like

  • It is only for beginner to intermediates like a lot of other wide fitting boots.

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots - Link

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots Mens Sz 12.5 (30.5) Black/Red
Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots Mens Sz 12.5 (30.5) Black/Red

This boot is only for novice skiers which means you might grow out of it quickly.

It is lightweight with wool insulation. It has an open instep and an articulated ankle area for comfort and warmth.

It has a 104mm width and an extra-wide cuff. It is ideal for medium to wide forefoot with a medium to wide-leg shape.

There is soft padding in the toe box and forefoot with firmer padding in the heel and ankle for support.

The liner is an OptiSensor liner which is soft for comfort. These boots are for all-mountain terrain and have an XL power strap for an easy close.

The upper buckle has a tool-free catch adjustment to fit your shape. The boots have a two-piece shock absorber to help with performance.

What we like

  • The OptiSensor liner provides comfort with a contoured forefoot.

What we don't like

  • The boots are only for novice skiers who could outgrow them quickly.

Dalbello DS MX 70 W Women's Ski Boots - Link

Dalbello DS MX 70 W Womens Ski Boots - 24.5/Black Transparent-White
Dalbello DS MX 70 W Womens Ski Boots - 24.5/Black Transparent-White

The Dalbello has a medium range of width in the wider feet category at 103mm.

Their mid-wide forefoot and wide-leg shape make it suitable for those with wide feet. They have a DB Hyperlite shell to help with energy transmission to improve your skiing.

They have a 70-flex rating and are an all-around mountain boot for beginner to casual skiers.

The Super comfort liner has plush padding to support your feet and keep them warm along with the EZ step-in feature makes it quick and easy to slide these on with a power strap of 40mm for some rebound and forward flex resistance in turns.

The 4 buckles distribute the weight, so you won't get any pressure boots and the inner boot is even, so it doesn't rub.

What we like

  • A good all-round boot with super comfortable and good for wide legs.

What we don't like

  • Only for beginners to casual.

Apex Antero Big Mountain Boot Ski Boot - Link

Apex Ski Boots Antero XP - Topo Edition Big Mountain Ski Boots (Men's Size 31) Walkable Ski Boot System with Open-Chassis Frame for Advanced & Expert Skiers
Apex Ski Boots Antero XP - Topo Edition Big Mountain Ski Boots (Men's Size 31) Walkable Ski Boot System with Open-Chassis Frame for Advanced & Expert Skiers

The Apex has a patented Serpentine Lacing system called the BOA lacing system.

The stainless-steel cable laces wrap through the tongue and along the side panels to tighten around your foot instead of applying pressure on them.

This helps customize the boots to get a precise fit for you. There are two dials that can be turned one way or the other to tighten or loosen the laces, one for the top of the foot and one for the lower foot.

They can click back into place when you are finished adjusting.

Their Full-traction Vibram IceTrek outsole makes it easy to get to and from the mountain in comfort and safety.

It allows you to walk easier with a stiff frame and soft inner boot, as they are more like shoes than boots with the external ski boot frame with a unique design for triple lateral stiffness.

This stiffness provides a connection to your skies for a powerful energy transmission providing stability and edge control.

The heat mouldable liner can be customized to suit your shape and the lean can be adjusted at the back making it a great ski boot for wide feet.

What we like

  • The patented BOA lacing system is unique and gives the wearer better customization.

What we don't like

  • They may still be a little snug if you have wide calves.

Lange RX 120 Boot Ski Boot - Link

Lange RX 120 Ski Boots 2020 - Men's (25.5 MP)
Lange RX 120 Ski Boots 2020 - Men's (25.5 MP)

The Lange RX 120 has a dual core-shell with a Dual 3D liner. The Dual Core compresses and expands to provide power and rebound.

The dual-core tech uses softer plastic at the core and rigid plastic at the outset to enhance elastic tension in the boot for better performance.

The 3D liner provides foot wrapping and power transmission. The liner can be heated to mold to your feet for a better fit.

The shell is also customizable it uses a softer plastic over the instep and lower leg, so it is easier to get on and off. The 120-flex rating offers more control and balance for aggressive skiing over all types of mountain terrain. The RX specific fit means a strong heel lock and foothold for aggressive skiing.

These are GripWalk compatible making it easy to walk as well as ski.

What we like

  • The shell is customizable.

What we don't like

  • If you are not planning on doing aggressive skiing then these may not suit you.

Apex Blanca All Mountain Ski Boot - Link

The Apex again uses its patented Serpentine lacing system. Its stainless-steel cable laces form the BOA lacing system giving superior 360-degree support.

The full traction outsole gives you comfort and safety so you can walk in these. The outer ski boot frame has an open binding design for triple the toughness.

The frame allows for a powerful energy transfer, stability, and precise edge control. The forefoot can be adjusted for flexibility giving a lot of customization.

What we like

  • 360-degree support.

What we don't like

  • There's not a lot of customization with this boot.

Choosing The Best Wide Ski Boots - Buyers Guide

It can be daunting to find the most comfortable ski boots for wide feet with all the different types of boots available.

Ski boots are the only kind of footwear measured in Mondo Point sizing which can look complicated, but it is easy when you know-how.

Skier Type

Skier type is something you need to decide yourself. This will determine what kind of skier you are. It is a combination of skill level and preferred terrain and aggression.

There are three main types.

Type 1 is a skier who is cautious and goes at slower speeds. This type of skier will generally stick to smooth gentle slopes or modern pitch. This is generally entry-level skiers with lower-than-average release/retention settings.

Type 2 is a skier who goes at a variety of speeds and on varied terrain. They will have average release/retention settings.

Type 3 is a skier who will go at faster speeds. They will do aggressive skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch. The release/retention settings will be higher than average.

There are two other types of skiers that are not as common.

Type -1 skiers want lower release/retention settings than type 1 for increased realisability in a fall.

Type 3+ wants higher release/retention settings than type 3.


Flex means how difficult it is to flex the boot forward. It is the level of resistance the boot provides when you bend your ankle forward.

The boot needs to be stiff for a neutral stance, if it is too soft it can lead to muscle fatigue. If it is too stiff it won't move when applying pressure, preventing optimal use of your skis.

It will force the center of weight too far back which impacts your ability to turn and control your skis.

Each brand has its own flex rating. The higher the flex rating, the stiffer it is. The softer the boot may mean less reactiveness.

Soft flex is better for beginners and is easier to get off and on. The downside is that it may hold you back from progressing your skiing so you don't want it too soft.

Medium flex is between 70-90 for women and 80-100 for men. This increases responsiveness for better turns and higher speeds and provides support for steeper terrain. The higher the flex usually means the better quality of the materials and more customizable features.

Stiff flex is between 90-100 women and 110-125 for men. This is ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers with more aggressive skiing.

The energy transfer from the leg to the boot to the ski and rebound is more efficient. This delivers the max speed and responsiveness from a ski boot.

This type of boot can be better for taller, heavier skiers as the ability to leverage the stiffer boot is more.

Your flex depends on the height, weight, ability, foot and ankle biomechanics, and personal taste.


The last is the width at the widest point of the ski boot. There is narrow, medium, or wide.

Width is from the inside of the shell at the widest point of the forefoot. Ski boots fall under wide from 102mm and up, so if you have a wider foot, this is the last you want to be looking for.

Male Vs Female

Women should use women's ski boots and men should use men's.

Even if you are a woman with wide feet it is better to pick a woman's shoe as women tend to have narrower heels and ankles than men.

Men's and women's boots have a number of differences like the liner is thicker on a woman's boot to keep your feet warmer.

Ski Boots Sizing & Fit

It is better to go for a smaller size than a larger one because a boot fitter can stretch or enlarge a good quality boot, but they can't make a boot smaller.

It is important not to go by just the size but also the shape of the boot. The Mondo Point measurements are in centimeters. You need to measure your foot from the tip of the foot to the heel to get your boot size.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict
Final Verdict

The Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S would be the overall choice for the best ski boot for wide feet.

The Memory Fit shell with the mouldable silver liner helps to customize the boot while the powershift lets you adjust the flex so you can aim for the greatest ski performance as well as comfort.

Remember to not just look at the size of the ski boot but also the shape.

You need to consider your height, weight, age, and skier type. Think about where you will be doing most of your skiing to help you shortlist your options.

If you don't ski often then the type of ski boot you need will be different from someone who is skiing a lot.

If you have wide feet, look for customizable options so you can adjust the boot to suit you.

Armed with this knowledge you can select a boot that is going to be comfortable and enhance your performance. Happy skiing!

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