Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About What Do Professional Skiers Earn

by Frank V. Persall

Most of us enjoy skiing as a hobby, and it’s an exciting one at that!

However, there are those out there fortunate enough to have made a career out of the sport. But do you ever wonder what do professional skiers earn every year and whether it is worth pursuing the dream?

There is no set salary for a pro skier since these athletes don’t make money in the same way that many other people do.

They are paid when they win tournaments and competitions but much of their income comes from endorsements and sponsorships. 

Even some of the top skiers in the world probably aren’t earning as much as you would think. This intrigued us so we decided to take a closer look and what we found surprised us.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About What Do Professional Skiers Earn
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About What Do Professional Skiers Earn

What Is The Average Income Of A Professional Skier?

For the pro skier, Lindsay Vonn, winning the highly acclaimed bronze in the 2018 winter Olympics may have been a dream come true.

There is no denying that this expert felt completely elated at her victory but if she was hoping for a footballer’s salary, she would be left disappointed. 

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Vonn revealed that she was paid just $15,000 for her bronze prize.

Now, that’s not an amount to be sniffed at but it certainly isn’t much compared to the average US annual income, which is more than double this amount.

Generally speaking, a professional skier can earn around $30,000 per year. But this is before any taxes have been deducted and since a lot of the action takes place abroad, there are further fees and taxes to be considered.

That said, another report detailed that the average income of a top pro skier could go as high as $125,000.

In truth, for most professionals, the job is more about a passion for the sport as opposed to wanting to become a multi-millionaire.

Who Is The World's Highest Earner Pro Skier?

Now, while most pro skiers are earning a pretty measly amount, there are those that are at the top.

As with anything, there are some people who are fortunate and earn an eye-watering amount especially considering that they’re doing something that they love for a living. 

According to Snowbrains,the highest-paid skier in the world is worth an astonishing $7.96 million. 

His name...Bode Miller, we’re sure you’ve heard of him!

Highest Paid Skier Bode Miller
Highest Paid Skier Bode Miller

His annual income is believed to be $1.28 million and this is a result of six discipline World Cup titles, four discipline World Championships titles, and one silver medal in super-G.

He is also well-known for his various sponsorships so, it is possible to hit the big time but you really have to be the creme de la creme!


While a lot of hobby athletes might daydream about becoming the next elite-level pro, the perks might not be as dazzling as they imagine.

The short answer to “how much do pro skiers make” is they earn their money from winning; the more competitions and titles you win, the more you are paid. But it takes a lot to get to that level. 

Other ways that skiers earn a living are through sponsorship deals and endorsements, which make up the bulk of their income.

But again, you need to have made a good name for yourself in order for companies to want to work with you.

Perhaps one day, we will hit the big time. But for now, let’s enjoy what the world of skiing has to offer the average Joe! It’s just as much fun and we still have our day jobs to pay the bills.

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