Salomon Original Boot Bag Review

by Frank V. Persall

The original boot bag by Salomon is a great ski boot bag that is designed to endure rough weather and extreme conditions of the snow-clad mountains. This bag comes with a flat bottom surface made up of water-resistant material which keeps your shoes and other skiing essentials dry and safe even if they come in contact with damp surfaces. Made using polyester and PVC material, this bag is lightweight and can be carried along comfortably while climbing mountains or going for ski riding on the snow-clad mountains. The multiple pockets of Salomon Original boot bag allow you to store all the ski gears in an organized manner. The external sling helps you to store helmets, mobile phone, torch, name tags and much more in a secure manner.

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Salomon Extend Alpine Ski Gearbag, Black
Salomon Extend Alpine Ski Gearbag, Black

Product Type: Ski Boot Bag

Walking with normal shoes on the snowy terrains is just like dragging your feet from one point to another and it can also get quite painful afterwards. To tackle this inconvenience special boots were developed a few decades before we were born. However, carrying these ski boots itself became a painful task as people did not have the right kind of bag to accommodate them. This gave a huge opportunity to the sports gear manufacturing companies to introduce ski boot bags which gradually went on to become a necessity while planning adventurous expedites on mountains and hills that are mostly covered with snow.

Salomon Original boot bags and ski gears are designed especially to meet the needs of adventurous travellers and ski riders. These bags are crafted to minimize the efforts of the users while carrying ski boots and other travelling essentials. Salomon is a well-known sports gear manufacturing company that is located in France. The Salomon company was started in the year 1947 by the founder Francois Salomon, his wife and his son Georges. The boot bags offered by the brand are crafted to deliver a hassle-free travelling experience to the skiing enthusiasts. Salomon original boot bag is an excellent backpack which allows the users to store not only the boots but also has enough space to accommodate goggles, gloves, water bottle, torch, and many other skiing essentials. The speciality of Solomon boot bags is that they are of formidable quality and their user-friendly features assist you in every stage of your journey.

What we like and what we don't like?

The first and foremost thing we noticed about this bag is its design. This bag looks super cool and comes with easy zipper closures which allow the user to use them conveniently even at freezing cold temperatures. The waterproof bottom of this bag assures the security of all the essentials that are stored inside the bag. You can carry it on your shoulders or you can hold it while walking as it comes with a top handle that allows you to carry it comfortably using one hand.

Features of Salomon Original Boot Bag

Modest looks

Salomon Original ski boot bag is a smart looking bag which is designed to look modest and elegant. The logo written at the corner of the bag adds charm to its appearance and gives it a cool look. This bag doesn't have a stunning or fancy appearance but looks decent and is designed to suit travellers of all the age groups.


The ingenious design of this Salomon Original not only makes it an ideal boot bag but also makes it perfect to carry along while going on all types of short and long adventurous trips. Attachment for the helmet, spacious central compartment, and name tag space are the various features which make this bag buyable.Built to lastThe Salomon original boot bag is made using high-quality polyester and PVC material. These materials make it both tough and lightweight. You can stuff your entire luggage and it still does not appear baggy or oversized. The sturdy construction of the Saloman Original with double stitching on the interiors ensures its functionality for a longer time. Also, the equal-sized grommets on the surface of the bag drain away all the air and impurities from the bag and ensure proper ventilation which helps in keeping ski boots and other essentials dry and safe. It also comes with side ventilation systems that help in keeping you ski boots safe and dry at all times. The bottom of this bag blocks the water to ensure that the ski gear remains safe and dry when you place it on a damp surface.


The Salomon original boot bag comes with shoulder straps that make your adventurous journeys clean and hassle-free. The top holding handles of this bag help you carry the bags with ease and security. The ergonomic top handle of the bag is padded and is crafted using smooth textured material which provides ease to the users while handling it and gives comfort while holding the bag. Salomon Original ski bag is designed to be a travel-friendly option to the skiers. The divided compartments and extra side pockets make this bag one of the convenient options to select from a huge collection of ski boot bags available in the offline and online market.

Salomon Original Boot Bag: Review Video

Detailed Evaluation for Salomon Original Boot Bag

Detailed Evaluation for Salomon Original Boot Bag
Detailed Evaluation for Salomon Original Boot Bag

The padded shoulder straps and back pad of this bag do not put much stress on the shoulders and back of the users which helps them to carry it on difficult terrains with utter ease. Another amazing aspect is its large storing space and divided compartments that can accommodate lunch boxes, water refills, id proofs, and many other essential things that are important to carry along while going on short or long trips. The only thing we didn't like about this Salomon Original bag is its expensive price, but considering the tons of unique features offered by this brand and the superior quality of the product, we think that it is not overly priced.

SnowGaper's Rating for Salomon Original Boot Bag: 4.4 / 5


  • The Salomon ski boot bag is fully functional, highly durable and travel-friendly bag.
  • The polyester and PVC material used in its construction makes it sturdy, reliable and tough to use.
  • The Salomon ski boot bag is perfect for carrying while travelling in aircraft or plane.
  • The overall stitching and construction of this bag make it tough to use and also helps in keeping the stored gears in a safe and secure manner.


  • These bags come in black colour only which makes them look little out of trend or traditional.
  • The options are very limited when it comes to the selection of colour combinations.
  • This ski boot bag of Solomon can get too big to fit in a normal sized locker.

Our Verdict for Salomon Original Boot Bag Buyers

Salomon Original boot bag is made using superior quality materials, the zips of these bags allow the users to open and close them even when the gloves are on. These bags are designed to meet all the needs of the ski riders and deliver them with a hassle-free and clean adventurous trip. Ideal to carry along on short and long trips, Solomon Ski boot bag is a "must have" for those who love travelling to places that are full of adventures and excitement. The premium quality materials used in the making of this bag make it fully reliable and a trendy option for you. If you are a regular traveller and enjoy taking short and long trips with family and friends then Saloman ski boot bags are the perfect bags to select.

Salomon original boot bag is ingeniously designed bag which is crafted to provide users with ease, comfort, and convenience in any hostile conditions. The large storing space of this bag allows you to carry lunch boxes, water refill packs, warm jackets, gloves and many other essentials that are required while enjoying the skiing adventure. The numerous pockets allow you to carry the things which can be accessed easily and at any time you feel like.

We have a huge collection of ski boot bags and gears that are crafted keeping needs of all the adventurous travellers and explorers.

To find more in depth carriers on the market check out our guide to the best ski boot bags.

Till then explore and live an exciting life with your loved ones!!

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Frank is originally from the UK, but he has a passion for skiing that knows no bounds. He has made it his life's mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the World. Frank loves spending time with his wife and three children on ski slopes, as they all share his love for the activity.

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