Where Is Apres Ski Filmed? Bizarre Facts You Need To Know

by Frank V. Persall

Well, I’m sure you would fancy a luxurious and rich Apres Ski after you’ve had enough fun in the snow. Perhaps, a relaxing spa or a gondola ride, maybe.

Oh, what is an Apres-ski, you ask? I’ll come back to that hold on.

This blog introduces you to a feisty reality show with the name Apres Ski! Like every reality show, here also, you will find yourself laughing, cringing, judging, supporting, understanding, and what-not, as the bigger picture of the show becomes familiar to you. 

The Cast Of Apres Ski Film
The Cast Of Apres Ski Film

At the same time, it is giving you a visual treat. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur, of how hard it takes for an individual or even a team, for that matter, to make it big in the hospitality industry. There’s a need for effort, trust, teamwork, and respect for the profession to get the best of the best. And a show like ‘Apres Ski’ is an excellent start to get in the reality of the start-up business’s happenings. 

And for those who love adventures and outdoor activities- the show might indulge your thoughts into getting yourself a ticket to the place.

Let’s see what this is all about now, shall we?

Where is Apres Ski Filmed?

Apres Ski series was set and filmed in the famous Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It includes the snow-filled gleaming mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. In many capacities, it is the largest ski resort in North America. This place receives plenty of reviews that consider it among the world’s best resorts. No wonder it is a highly regarded destination for many skiers and tourists from around the globe.

Although most ski resorts are usually small towns or villages near the ski area in Europe, it is quite different in North America. As you will see through the location of the ‘Apres Ski’ show here, the resorts are technically far away from towns and are built practically into ski towns. It is a destination on its own with every imaginable amenities and facility made available for the clients. 

The Whistler town is the busiest ski resort with 2 million visitors annually. It has hosted as the site for the filming of the show for its first season with eight episodes altogether. With the bountiful and extraordinarily beautiful backdrop of the British Columbia Mountains, the scenes are incredibly picturesque. And there is so much more to Whistler, which you can discover in this blog.  

What is Apres Ski?

Alrighty! Sorry to have you wait throughout the introduction to explain what an ‘Apres Ski’ means. Well, the word ‘après’ literally means ‘after’ in French- so yeah, it’s the activities and socializing that you would do ‘after skiing.’ This tradition of Apres Ski originated in the mid-1800s on the slopes of the fantastic French Alps. Quite fascinating!

Well, but this writing is precisely not going to be about the skiing traditions per se. This ‘Apres Ski’ here is all going to be about a season that revolves around the ambitions and passion of seven hospitality professionals who embark on a start-up venture of hosting and providing luxury concierge services to its Richie Rich clienteles.  

What is Apres Ski About?

Apres Ski is a 2015 reality television show that follows its cast members in their personal and professional lives. It is aired by Bravo tv. So far, the Network has produced only one season. Eight episodes. 

Let me do the honours of walking you through the show. Right, so there is Joey Gibbons, who is the owner of the ‘Gibbons Life’- Tamara Moore, the femme boss a.k.a the CEO. Together they put up an expert team of hospitality professionals hired from across North America for their concierge service start-up. The team has an Operations Manager who plans out the roster and services that the seven concierges carry out throughout the day.

Meanwhile, they also try their best to live up to their wealthy clientele’s crazy demands. You get to watch how the Ski business caters its menu to the wealthy clients and how they should achieve their goal within a time frame. And the cherry on top is the drama that brews gradually among the team members. Reality show- check!

The show, filmed in the grand Whistler since has spurred quite the popularity of ski TV shows. 


As you finally come to the end of the post- you might have recognized the spirit of this show ‘Apres Ski.’ Yes, there are fun and dramas to binge on. But some takeaways, if I could expressly point to, are:

  • The fascinating idea and world of the Canadian Ski town.
  • The inspiration to go skiing and to also discover the ski culture of the region.
  • A panoramic view of the magnificent Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.
  • The up-close view of a professional hospitality service from a business viewpoint. 
  • The dos and don’ts for a hospitality service provider or an aspiring one- in the professional space and with guests.
  • The strength and dexterity of the mind needed to make a successful start-up in the very demanding and competitive hospitality industry.

If Apres Ski has made you fall in love with skiing, and now you need a few essential guides to start planning for a ski trip. Then, you can always check out our other articles below. You can start by learning what a base layer is and why it is crucial when skiing.

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