Beaver Mountain Ski Resort

by Frank V. Persall

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort is located in northern Utah and serves as a ski resort in the western United States. In spite of the fact that it is smaller and less developed than many other Utah ski resorts, the resort is very popular with people of neighboring Logan, Bear Lake area, the surrounding Cache Valley and Utah State University.

Beaver Mountain, located in the magnificent Bear River Mountains, first opened its doors to guests in 1939. It is a family-owned (private corporation) and run resort that is popular among winter sports lovers. Beaver Mountain (a less popular ski resort) provides the outstanding terrain which skiers have learned to expect from resorts on a world-class level, but without the throngs of people or the high price tag that comes with it.

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort
Beaver Mountain Ski Resort

Away from The Beaten Path

Away from The Beaten Path
Away from The Beaten Path (source)

Beaver Mountain has earned recognition for being less congested and "touristy" than most major ski resorts, and it features a gorgeous, out-of-the-way setting in the Rocky Mountains. It takes quite a long time to get to the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort since it is located in the mountains. However, the beautiful landscape seen in northern Utah, the resort's location, makes the trip a delightful aspect of the whole experience.

How to Get There

How to Get There
How to Get There (source)

Beaver Mountain, sometimes known as "The Beav," is a quick 27-mile drive straight from neighboring Logan, along the gorgeous Logan Canyon Scenic Byway, and is well worth the trip. Travelers arriving down from Salt Lake City should plan on a 90-minute trip north on I-15, accompanied by a drive up the picturesque byway for 30 minutes to their destination.

Due to the lack of direct public transit between the resort and the city's Airport, skiers arriving at the airport will need to hire a car to go to the mountain.

Adding a Personal Touch

Adding a Personal Touch
Adding a Personal Touch

Beaver Mountain takes great pleasure in offering its visitors with courteous, individualized service and this has been a characteristic of the resort since it first opened its doors in the 1930s. Beaver Mountain is located in Beaver, Colorado.

Beaver Mountain was founded in 1938 by my mother-in-law and father and officially opened its doors in 1939," stated Marge Seeholzer, general manager, owner and president, of the resort. "To the best of our knowledge, we are the only totally family-owned (private corporation) resort in the United States, which is something I am really proud of. Since we aren't corporate, there is a more personal feel to our place. People who have been skiing in our resort for many years have a sense of ownership to it, as if it were their own property. That's something we appreciate. Beaver Mountain is a really unique and personal destination. Most of our skiers are my friends.

Sliding Down the Slopes

Since Beaver Mountain does not use equipment to make snow, the resort is completely reliant on Mother Nature to provide the best possible skiing settings on its 828 acres of skiable terrain. According to Ski Utah, the resort gets an average of 400 inches of snow every year, and has earned a reputation for having highly maintained slopes that provide a terrific skiing experience for all abilities and skill levels.

One of the resort's beginning runs, the Gentle Ben, is ideal run for youngsters or beginners who are just getting their feet wet in the snow:

Intermediate skiers will find it simple to transition from beginner to intermediate lines thanks to Beaver Mountain's route network.

A number of advanced routes are available for more experienced skiers, such as Teddy's Frolic, formally known as "Best Ski Run" by The Herald Journal readers:

Beaver Mountain also has two terrain parks that are suitable for both snowboarders and skiers, such as the Gentle Ben terrain park, which is located at the base of the mountain.

Beaver Mountain received great reviews from TripAdvisor, Yelp and On the Snow reviewers for its highly-maintained terrain and for offering a nice mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert courses. Beaver Mountain is mainly a destination for downhill snowboarders and skiers, although snowmobile enthusiasts and cross-country skiers may also find adequate slopes in the region. Beaver Mountain is located in the Beaver Valley in northern Vermont.

Shopping, Accommodation and Dining Options

This resort, which offers a variety of hotel choices as well as surrounding shopping and restaurants, has a homely vibe without all of the characteristics of bigger, more commercial places.

The Yurt

Those who prefer to wake up directly next to the slopes may do so at the Beaver Mountain Yurt, which is located right next to the slopes. The carpeted and heated yurt may be booked for anyone staying overnight or for events such as family reunions, barbecues, and workplace picnics that take place during the daytime hours.

"The yurt is for gatherings of no more than 30 people," Seeholzer said. "As a result of the carpeting and the pellet stove, the room is always comfortable and warm. A small house with a kitchen and restrooms is located right next to the yurt and is reserved exclusively for yurt guests. The convenience of being three minutes away from the elevator is a plus for me. In the winter, it's a popular destination for groups."

Other Places to Stay

Visitors to Beaver Mountain are privilege to many hotel choices available in the Logan and bear Lake regions, as well as the surrounding areas. There are a variety of pleasant lodging options at Bear Lake, including cabin rentals and lodges, while Logan offers a large range of reasonably priced chain motels and hotels.

Shopping and Dining.

While Beaver Mountain is a peaceful vacation spot, it does not have many amenities, such as dining and shopping. Skiers who are hungry may have a meal at the grill restaurant on-site, which is situated within the lodge, and those who are wanting to rent or purchase winter sports equipment will find exactly what they are searching for at the tiny ski store located on the premises.

When it comes to the winter months, "we have a barbecue restaurant," Seeholzer said. "Every day, the chef prepares a delicious range of soups and sandwiches, all of which are created from scratch daily by the chef himself. Everything you see on the menu is very delicious."

Additional shopping and eating opportunities may be found in the surrounding cities of Logan and Garden City, which are situated approximately 27 and 13 miles from the Mountain, respectively. Beaver Mountain is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Instructions for Beaver Mountain


Beaver Mountain takes great satisfaction in having a resort that can be enjoyed by the whole family. They also provide instruction for the Snow sports School in the Mountain, which has membership in both the American Association of Snowboard Instructors and the Professional Ski Instructors Association of America. In addition to a variety of runs designed specifically for beginner and inexperienced skiers, they also offer a variety of other activities.

Lessons at the school are available in a number of formats to ensure that visitors make full use of their time while skiing. These include personalized lessons, group classes for youngsters, specialist clinics specifically for females, and group lessons for all participants of any skill and level.

Similar to what has been said about the resort's slopes, internet reviews have been overwhelmingly complimentary. The Beaver Mountain's "Excellent runs, no lines, amazing snow" and "affordable winter sports training." have been confirmed by one TripAdviser reviewer.

The Beav is Open for the Summer.

Beaver Mountain is a famous summer camping location, especially during the summer months. Visitors who prefer tent camping may do so at one of the resort's shaded campsites, which are equipped with fire pits and tables are conveniently located near water and washroom amenities. Beaver Mountain also features an RV campground with power, water, and sewage connections, as well as a yurt that may be leased for overnight or daytime activities throughout the summer months. For more information, see the Beaver Mountain website.

Methods of Saving

According to Allan Kent Powell's "The Utah Guide", Beaver Mountain has the most affordable day tickets of any of the state's ski resort, with adult day passes hanging around $50 and children's day passes ranging around $40.

Season passes will be available for purchase starting in March at a cost of $110 for children and $325 for adults. However, since the price of the season ticket rises on a monthly basis, purchasing passes in advance is the most cost-effective method for regular customers to save money.

"On the 16th of each month, the price of the season pass increases by $35," said Seeholzer. "The earlier you purchase, the more money you'll save," says the expert.

Beaver Mountain is a Must-See

Beaver Mountain is the ideal destination for skiers of all skill levels and ages to get away from all of it, thanks to its highly-maintained terrain, peaceful out-of-the-way setting, and diverse course selection. Since The Beav's courses are largely east-facing, it opens later than resorts in Utah with western-facing slopes because of the nature of the terrain.

The perfect time to visit Beaver Mountain may be from late December to late March. The resort is open every day from 9 am to 4 pm and it's also open on weekends and holidays.

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