16 Of The Best Places To Ski In Italy (2023 Resorts)

by Frank V. Persall

As one of the most well-loved countries in the world of skiing, Italy boasts great access to the Alps; a mountain range that is prized by newbies and advanced skiers alike.

If you are looking to go skiing in Italy, you will certainly be spoiled for choice in terms of ski resorts and trails. 

Whether you are looking for a ski resort with a luxury hotel where you can indulge in multiple apres-ski activities or you want somewhere that is ideal for cross country skiing; Italy is one of the world’s best locations to find everything all skiers could dream of.

In our guide to everything to do with skiing in Italy, we will introduce you to 16 of the best Italian resorts this country has to offer.

So, pack your bags and get ready to hit the trails as we take a virtual tour around the slopes and valleys of this adventure-packed nation.

16 Of The Best Places To Ski In Italy
16 Of The Best Places To Ski In Italy

These are a small selection of the best places to go skiing in italy


Cortina D’ampezzo
Cortina D’ampezzo
Cortina D’ampezzo is a large ski resort located in the Venetia region of Italy. It boasts a whopping 120km of ski slopes that are served by as many as 26 lifts.

The resort is also home to a brand new ski part as well as the Dolomites ski area which has the most vertical black slope in the area. There are areas for both novices and advanced skiers so no matter what your level, you’ll feel right at home here. 

If you’re traveling with little skiers, then there is a children’s ski area as well as lots to do apres ski, for all the family.

This includes a range of shops in the nearby town as well as beautiful mountain huts for a cozy night by the fire after a day on the slopes. 

Many call this one of the world’s most fashionable skiing destinations but not only is it the place to be seen, but it is also incredibly scenic.

For those with a passion for a good view, heading to the highest peaks will give you a stunning glimpse over the Dolomite range. 

More Info: https://www.dolomitisuperski.com/en



Famed for the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn, the Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche Zermatt ski area is one of the biggest Italian resorts.

Not only this but the resort is set across three valleys that span two countries. There is a range of different terrains here making it the perfect ski resort for skiers of all levels. 

The area is served by 19 lifts and one of the biggest draws about Cervinia is that you can enjoy an entire day on the various trails and never ski on the same bit of mountain twice.

Moreover, if you want record-breaking skiing, then it is here you will find it.

Cervinia is home to the highest ski park sitting at an elevation of 2800 meters. There are children’s ski areas and this is one of the world’s best spots for summer skiing since some of the slopes remain open for piste skiing all year round.

More Info: https://www.cervinia.it/it/inverno/home


If you are heading off on a skiing adventure with family and friends, it stands to reason that there are going to be a lot of different tastes.

While some of your party might want an extreme ski area, others may prefer a gentler slope; at Courmayeur, you’ll find it all.

What’s more, there are a collection of amazing restaurants, offering mountain views as well as a great choice of accommodation in the town including a luxury hotel or self-contained apartments. 

On the mountain, you will find plenty of intermediate slopes but there are some excellent trails for newbies.

If you are one of the advanced skiers then moving away from piste skiing on the rugged terrain will appeal to you. There is also the opportunity to get involved in some heliskiing. 

One of the most well-loved family ski resorts in Italy, Courmayeur offers an amazing apres-ski scene with so much to see and do.

There are various childcare options and plenty to keep every taste entertained including restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops set along stunning cobbled streets. 

More Info:



Val Gardena
Val Gardena
For people who are taking their first steps out onto the slopes, Val Gardena is one of the best ski resorts in Italy as it is home to some of the most manageable beginner slopes in Europe. However, for advanced skiers, there is also a lot to get excited about.

This ski area features some excellent places to explore along La Longia, which is the longest ski trail in South Tyrol.

The great thing about Val Gardena is that this ski resort is part of a much larger network of resorts spread across the Dolomites.

If you purchase a pass, you can access any ski resort within this network allowing you to experience the true diversity of this stunning area. 

Of course, no skiing holiday would be complete with some exciting apres-ski activities and Val Gardena does not disappoint.

The ski area is also home to a wide variety of restaurants and shops as well as cultural points of interest including churches and castles. There really is something for everyone here. 

More Info: https://www.valgardena.it/en/


Sauze D’Oulx
Sauze D’Oulx
With 400km of slopes, Sauze D’Oulx is one of the most popular ski resorts in Italy for people of all skiing abilities.

However, the main draw of skiing here is the opportunity to experience the slopes and trails of the Milky Way ski area which is spread across three attractive ski resorts and over the border into France. 

There are many intermediate trails here, however, for those with a little more experience, there are a lot of off-piste trails around the mountain as well as some exciting Olympic runs.

For beginners, the ski resort is home to a variety of schools and instructors.

All parts of the mountain are accessible either through a series of lifts or via the slopes and when you’re finished for the day, the town of Sauze D’Oulx has plenty to offer. 

One of the main attractions of this area is that the town is a totally car-free zone. But more than this, the apres-ski nightlife is some of the best in the world.

The choice of bars here is mind-blowing but there are also a lot of family-friendly cafes and places to eat where you can relax in peace with the kids. 

More Info:


6. Sestriere and Val Chisone

Sestriere And Val Chisone
Sestriere And Val Chisone
If skiing is just as much about an incredible mountain view as it is getting involved in the action then this is the place to be.

As one of the highest ski resorts in Italy at 2789 meters, you will certainly get an amazing view from the top.

From Sestriere, you will also have easy access to the world-famous Milky Way ski area which has something for everyone. 

The ski resort largely caters to intermediates with a good variety of red runs around the mountain.

However, if you head further on up the mountain, you will find some great progressive runs as well as easier slopes for beginners.

Another draw of the area is that there are a lot of heliskiing opportunities as well as some black runs to give you the ultimate challenge. 

Once you are finished enjoying everything the mountain has to offer, you won’t be left disappointed with the apres-ski scene here.

There are a lot of places to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good food. La Caverna and Pinkies Pizzeria are among some of the most well-loved places to unwind. 

More Info: https://www.onthesnow.com/val-chisone/ski-resorts.html



If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere that perfectly caters to families then Livigno might be just what you have been searching for. But much more than this, Livigno attracts a wealth of ski lovers every year thanks to its high altitude which pretty much guarantees excellent snow conditions. 

Another huge attraction of this area is that it is beautifully affordable and doesn’t put on the airs and graces that you may see in other ski areas in Italy.

Using the lifts is super cheap since there are lift passes that can also be used at neighboring St Moritz. 

On the mountain, you will find activities for all abilities, there are drag lifts for beginners located near the village that allow you to practice your skills For those with a bit more skiing experience under their belt there is a lot of off-piste terrain as well as two black slopes.

More Info: https://www.livigno.eu/en/slopes


Madonna Di Campiglio
Madonna Di Campiglio
The height of luxury, Madonna Di Campiglio is one of the most renowned ski areas in the country.

Packed with plenty to do, you will be able to enjoy skiing on the 150km of trails. The mixed bag of skiing opportunities here makes it attractive to people of all levels.

For the advanced skier, there are several black runs as well as the opportunity to access plenty of terrain trails away from the piste slopes. 

Another of the biggest attractions of Madonna Di Campiglio is that there are various night skiing adventures on offer which offer a break the norm.

But if you’re just getting started on your skiing journey, don’t worry, there are lots of blue slopes as well as easy access to instructors and ski schools. 

After a long day on the mountain, we know you are going to be looking forward to relaxing and Madonna Di Campiglio has a lot to offer.

Piano 54 is one of the places to be here and has show dinners, live DJs, and excellent food for those who love nightlife.

You will also find a wide variety of accommodation choices including chalets, hotels, and self-contained apartments. 

More Info: https://www.powderhounds.com/Europe/Italy/Madonna-di-Campiglio.aspx


Passo Tonale
Passo Tonale
Aimed at people with all levels of skiing experience, Passo Tonale is a high-altitude resort with some excellent snow conditions.

Skiing here allows you to head as high as 3100 meters up the mountain and one of the most significant attractions is how family-friendly this ski area is.

There is around 100km of skiable terrain here set across 41 pistes. All of this is served by 30 ski lifts making it one of the most accessible ski areas in Italy. 

If you are a beginner then we would highly recommend this ski area as it is known for allowing newbies to progress quickly.

That said, there is also a lot to challenge intermediate ski lovers as well as a selection of black runs for those who have a little practice under their belt. 

Off the mountain, winter lovers will find fewer things to do here when compared to some of the livelier ski resorts in Italy.

However, there are still a few good places to eat, drink, and unwind but there is much more of a family vibe here.

Once the lifts close, a lot of visitors like to chill out in the Ombrellos Bar.

More Info: https://www.pontedilegnotonale.com/en/



Many would consider Champoluc to be a hidden gem set in the heart of the Dolomites. But despite this, it has some of the most vast pistes in Italy with more than 200km of the skiable terrain park.

If you are looking for somewhere quiet to enjoy a skiing vacation, then this is undoubtedly one of the best spots in Europe.

The only month that it does become a little more active is during January. 

There is a lot to be discovered on the slopes here at Champoluc. For example, beginners will enjoy the selection of blue runs while more advanced ski enthusiasts will have fun on the series of red and black runs.

Moreover, for anyone who is feeling a little more up for a challenge, the heliskiing opportunities provide the perfect solution to this. 

Champoluc doesn’t just offer relaxation on the mountain; there is a huge variety of things to do once you’ve put your skiing skills to the test.

While the atmosphere is very laid back, you will find this to be one of the best places to discover true Italian flavor with a wide range of restaurants and bars with that traditional Italian welcome. 

More Info: https://www.ski.com/champoluc

11. Alta Badia

Alta Badia
Alta Badia
If you have been searching for one of the largest ski resorts in all of Italy then you won’t be disappointed with the more than 500km of pistes at Alta Badia.

This is a skiers paradise and when we say that there is something for everyone, we aren’t exaggerating.

The area is served by a whopping 53 lifts that carry you to peak summits that soar as high as 2778 meters. Considered to be the world’s biggest ski carousel, you will find as many as 74km of blue runs, 47km of red runs, and 9km of black runs; every skill level is catered for. 

Alta Badia also boasts some of the most well-prepared slopes in Italy thanks to the dedication of the staff who tend to the area every night to ensure pristine conditions the following morning.

You’ll also benefit from experiencing the Sella Ronda, one of the most well-known skiing circuits in the Alps. 

Once you are finished on this Italian mountain village, Alta Badia has some beautiful lodges and accommodation that is complemented by gourmet restaurants for a skiing trip that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

More Info: https://www.altabadia.org/en/winter-holidays/italian-alps/ski-resort-alta-badia.html

12. Bormio


Another great location for skiers of all levels, Bormio is one of the best places for families thanks to the large family ski park and the fun slope.

Here, you will also find a range of runs for everyone from beginners to experts and the peak rises more than 3000 meters above sea level so you’ll get a stunning view from the top. 

Bormio is home to a variety of different skiing activities including night skiing and freeriding for those with a heightened sense of adventure.

But if all of that wasn’t enough, you will also benefit from year-round activities since this ski resort remains open throughout the summer with a whole host of things to choose from including cycling and hiking. 

There is everything you would need here for the perfect skiing holiday including a rental shop and a ski school. But when you’ve finally had enough of the slopes, you will be able to explore the many restaurants here, many of which offer a truly Italian dining experience. 

More Info: https://www.bormioski.eu/en/

13. Val di Fassa

Val Di Fassa
Val Di Fassa
The area of Val di Fassa is home to an impressive seven ski resorts allowing you to choose exactly what you want from your winter vacation.

That said, why not visit them all and experience everything that this amazing region has to offer?

Across the entire area, you will benefit from being able to use more than 150km of skiable terrain served by 76 ski lifts.

Not only this but with stunning views that stretch for more than 20km across the Dolomites, this is a nature lover’s paradise. 

For families, this is definitely one of the best ski areas in Italy since you can get your hands on a family pass that children under 8 go free.

There is also the option to include accommodation in your ski pass and throw in a few skiing or snowboarding lessons should you feel the urge. 

After skiing, there are several local towns to explore, each with its own flavor.

Canazei is one of the most popular with tourists and has a wide variety of shops, places to eat, and sports venues.

However, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, you will find the quieter village of Pozza di Fassa to be more suitable. 

More Info: https://www.fassa.com/EN/Slopes-and-lifts/

14. Monterosa

For anyone who is looking for a quiet skiing resort without the hustle and bustle of some of the more well-known areas then Monterosa is the best place to choose.

This is an unspoiled winter paradise that doesn’t attract crowds. If you want peaceful scenery and all the space in the world to ski, then this is ideal. 

There are three resorts in the Monterosa area; Champoluc, Gressoney, and then for those who want something really remote, Alagna, in the Piemonte.

All of the runs are very well groomed and there are slopes to suit every ability. At Gressoney, adventurers will love the off-piste options and the vast number of luxurious hotels on offer. 

When you are done on the mountain, the area boasts some of the highest restaurants in the Italian Alps.

Ascend a little higher to one of the many eateries to enjoy fine dining and a panoramic view that has to be seen to be believed. 

More Info: https://www.visitmonterosa.com/en/

15. Alpe di Siusi

Alpe Di Siusi
Alpe Di Siusi
At Alpe di Siusi, you will find 61km of skiable terrain park that covers a wide range of skill levels.

The area is one of the smaller resorts and is served by 21 lifts yet it remains one of the most popular in the country. But while the slopes may be fewer, you will benefit from the largest mountain pasture in Italy which is located in the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

Here you will find a great selection of slopes to pass the days. 

If you prefer to freestyle your skiing a little more then there is an excellent snowpark that really comes into its own during the winter months.

Moreover, this area gives you direct access to the Sella Ronda area so you can experience a much greater part of the Dolomiti Superski region. 

After skiing, there are a lot of beautiful little towns and villages in the Alpe di Siusi area to discover.

The Zallinger is where you will be able to relax and enjoy some simple Italian cuisine and with more than 360 mountain huts located in the area, you’ll have somewhere cozy to return at the end of the day.

For those with a love of outdoor adventure, there are several activities on offer including hiking and tobogganing. 

More Info: https://www.sno.co.uk/ski/italy/alpe-di-siusi/

16. Arabba-Marmolada

The perfect location for a family skiing holiday, Arabba-Marmolada has everything you will need for your stay.

If you want to experience a true Italian Alpine village atmosphere, then this is the place to come. Not only this, but with one of the most breathtaking Dolomite backdrops in Italy, the views are stunning. 

For ski lovers, the area boasts some of the highest slopes in the region and these are ideal for those at an intermediate or expert level.

That said, if you head into the village, you will find plenty of beginner slopes to give you your first taste of this incredible sport.

Don’t forget that from here, you will also be able to easily access the Sella Ronda.

Off the mountain, the pace of life here is much quieter and while you won’t find as much to do like some of the other resorts, there is certainly more than enough to keep you entertained.

For example, some of the little villages have some wonderful places to relax and have a drink such as the Rifugio Plan Boe in Arabba. 

More Info: https://www.powderhounds.com/Europe/Italy/Arabba-Marmolada.aspx


When it comes to finding some of the best ski resorts in the world, you don’t need to look much further than skiing in Italy.

With everything you could ever ask for and every type of skiing on offer, this is a country that has a ski resort for every level and every taste.

Not to mention that these ski areas are nestled in the heart of the Alps, making for the perfect winter getaway.

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