Which of the Two Mountains in Oregon is Better for Skiing, Mt. Hood or Mt. Bachelor?

by Frank V. Persall

Oregon State is located in the United States of America and is known for its natural opulence and geographical diversity. The region has a large coastal belt and has many rivers, lakes, and forests as well. The winters are chilly here and there are heavy snowfalls in many regions. There are two famous mountains here for skiing that attract thousands of skiers every year.

These mountains are Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. Mt. Hood is the tallest mountain of Oregon and has lofty slopes ideal for skiing. Mt. Bachelor is located in central Oregon and comes under the national forest of Deschutes. Both these mountains are preferred for skiing for their extensive mountain slopes, thick snow cover, and skiable conditions for the most part of the year. Today we will discuss which mountain is better for skiing by analyzing the various aspects and surrounding conditions.



Mt. Hood might be the tallest mountain in Oregon but Mt. Bachelor provides higher altitudes for skiing. Professional skiers prefer higher altitudes as the snow remain fresh and thick and the slopes are more adventurous and steep as the height increases. Mt. Hood’s skiable snow clad area is about 6000 feet above the sea level whereas Mt. Bachelor provides skiing terrain above 9000 feet. The maximum height that can be used on Mt. Hood by the skiers is 8500 feet whereas the top-most point that can be used for skiing on Mt. Bachelor is up to 9060 feet. However, skiing is not about reaching the top but using the slopes to attain higher speeds and therefore the altitudes cannot provide an accurate point of comparison since we are only talking about skiing here.


Mt. Hood is one of the most popular mountains in Oregon when it comes to skiing. It is also more accessible from different parts of the United States as compared to the Mt. Bachelor. Both these mountains have vast acres of snow-clad regions and miles of skiable terrains and slopes ideal for amateur as well as professional skiers. There is over 2100 acres of skiable area on Mt. Hood whereas Mt. Bachelor provides an extensive region of over 4300 acres of a snow-clad region.

Best terrains for skiing on Mt. Hood:

Mount Hood Meadows is a popular skiing destination located on the Mt. Hood and is located at 1400 meters (approximately) above the sea level. It provides multiple slopes which are ideal for skiing purposes. These slopes stretch along 9km in length and there are about 87 slopes in this snow stretch of 9 kilometers.

There are about 11 chairlifts available in this resort for providing quick and convenient airlifts to the skiers. However, there is no place to reside here as Mount Hood Meadows does not have accommodations but skiers can stay in the hotels that provide accommodations at reasonable rates.

Timberline is another snow resort which falls in Mt. Hood and is known as a snow sports destination as well. There are around 32 slopes conducive for skiing at the highest slope is located about 8500 feet above the sea level.

Mount Hood Ski Bowl is known as a night ski destination and the highest level of these slopes is around 5000 feet. There are 65 slopes available for skiing and most of them are lit up for night skiing. Equipped with ten slopes and four chairlifts, Cooper Spur is a delightful place for the skiers and the highest point on the slopes is over 4300 feet approximately. It has accommodations, hotels, condos and much more and is located in a lush forest area which makes it a favorite holiday destination for nearby skiers.

Best terrains for skiing on Mt. Bachelor

One of the best selling points of Mt. Bachelor is located at 9060 feet from which the skiers can enjoy a thrilling experience of 360-degree adventurous ski ride. The steep slopes from the height of 9000 feet prove to be perfect for expert skiers and there is another point where the slopes start from 3300 feet above the sea level. This terrain can be used by both experienced and intermediate level skiers. The eastern part of the mountain is more suited for the beginners and they can hone their skills there.

Close to the Sunrise Lodge, you will find a lift which is complimentary for the skiers and it parks on the surface which is ideal for beginners. In total around sixty percent of the terrain on Mt Bachelor is suited for skiing purposes. Therefore, it proves to be an ideal place for skiers. However, when we compare the hotels and accommodations, Mt. Hood has better facilities but expert and professionals will find the terrain of Mt. Bachelor more suitable because they are more adventurous and steep.


Skiing is not more limited to the joy and thrill of ski rides and playing with snow but it gets more fun when there are enchanting and breathtaking views. Both these mountains are serene, enchanting and have some scenic locations and viewpoints which make them the most sought after tourists destinations. Mt. Bachelor gets more pleasant during the summers when the climate becomes more bearable and Mt. Hood remains busy throughout the year.

Mt. Bachelor lives on the top a torpid volcano and has some absolutely stunning views especially from the top. The volcano chains have a cascading pattern and it looks beautiful to see it from a distance. If there is an ecologist or scientist in you, you can also research on how the snow and volcano which are generally contradicting phenomenon have blended in its geography. There are shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques some miles away from Mt. Bachelor where you can take your family for shopping and having a fun time after a ski ride. Also, Mt. Bachelor has some really dense forests around it and you can also go sightseeing around the forests with some local guide.

Mt. Hood National Forest is huge and there are many recreation spots and resorts in the nearby area. The mountain has many glaciers and there are many waterfalls in the national forest. There are hot springs and the flora and fauna of this region are quite awesome.

All these features make it one of the most happening tourist spot in America. Mountain climbing, camping, and skiing is quite rampant in this region and attracts youth from various parts of the country and abroad as well. The forest is dense and looks evergreen and refreshing. Standing 11240 feet tall is the Mt. Hood Mountain which is located on the dormant volcanic belt.

There are multiple hiking destinations on Mt. Hood and is also known for its historic tourist spots. All these factors make Mt. Hood a comparatively better place when you consider its overall attributes and surrounding natural opulence.

From a skiing point of view, If we purely consider the two spots from a skiing point of view then Mt. Bachelor is better since it has vast acres of snowy terrains as compared to Mt. Mount. Also, though Mt. Hood is taller, Mr. Bachelor allows you to ski higher which is the ultimate thing for skiers.

The snow on Mt. Bachelor is more suitable for skiing as it is softer and thicker. Meadows and Timberline or Mt. Hood are classic skiing destinations but here you will find a mixed crowd and most families who are out on a weekend or for camping. Mt. Bachelors has more veterans and experts who like to ski hard, rough and fast.

From the time point of view, On Mt. Hood you can ski during summer and spring as well. This advantage cannot be availed on Mt. Bachelor or any other skiing destination in North America for that matter. The rates in the hotels and lodges drop down considerably in winter at Mt. Hood as it is considered to be off-season by locals.

Therefore, one can enjoy accommodations at lower rates on Mt. Hood during winter which is an ideal thing for skiers. Mt. Bachelor is more active during winters and early in the springs. Therefore, Mt. Hood is more functional round the clock as compared to Mt. Bachelor.

From the food point of view, Town Bend near the Mt. Bachelor is famous for its food as there are famous steakhouses, bar, and the local menu is exquisite. The place is ideal for fish as plenty of varieties of fish can be savored in the local hotels and restaurants. Mt. Hood is more suitable from camping point of view and there is nothing special about the food here. There are bars and restaurants here as well but I think food lovers will love Mt. Bachelor more even if they have to drives a few kilometers extra for satisfying their hunger needs.

From “snow” point of view, Mt. Bachelor certainly has more snow and better snow than Mt. Hood. The snow on Mt. Hood has more moisture and therefore is heavier than the snow on Mt. Bachelor which is light and has a powder-like texture. The density and texture of snow on Mt. Bachelor is considered to be perfect for skiing and therefore professional skiers always prefer it over Mt. Hood.

From a weather point of view, Weather on Mr. Hood is perfect throughout the year except for winter when it gets too cold and avalanches are more often in this season. Therefore, it is considered as an offseason here though most daring and adventurous skiers take on the skiing challenge it this drastic climate too.

The weather at Mr. Bachelor is unpredictable and it usually gets windy and cloudy here. Winters are too cold and the perfect time to ski here would be at the end of winter when the snow would be at its peak and fresh. However, before visiting both the places it is preferable to check the weather conditions through local channels or Google which is good enough to provide weather forecasts nowadays.

From an accommodation point of view, If you are with family the first thing you would look for is accommodation. Both these places have enough accommodation facilities but when it comes to rates and choice, Mt. Hood seems to be the better choice. Mt. Hood is certainly more fun for kids and nature lovers and therefore, kids will love here more as compared to Mt. Bachelor. From trekking point of view, Mt. Hood is bigger and rockier as compared to Mt. Bachelor. Therefore, the natural choice for trekking will be Mr. Hood.


Both these place have their own significance and natural gifts and if you have ample time on your hands you must certainly prefer visiting both the places. If you are with the family and wish for a more comfortable and pleasant stay then we would recommend Mt. Hood for you as it gets more comfortable and lively due to camping and hiking activities.

However, if you are with friends and want to experience a hardcore skiing season then there are not many places as good as Mt. Bachelor. It can also be considered as a paradise for skiers due to its exotic locations, breathtaking sceneries, and awesome snow. Also, there are many points at Mt. Bachelor where would one get ample space and time to hone their skiing skills. Mt. Hood would be my second option if I have just skiing on my mind but if I am thinking about other options and a fun weekend it will surely be my first choice.

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