The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments You Have to Check Out

by Frank V. Persall

The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments -The International Ski Federation; The Federation Internationale de Ski; Internationale Ski Verband – in all languages ​is abbreviated as FIS. The organization was founded on February 2, 1924, during the first Olympic Games in Chamonix, France with members from 14 states. Today there are 110 National Ski Associations (one currently suspended).

Skiing has existed since time immemorial, and the old Scandinavian legends testified to it. In a cave in the north of Russia, you can find one of the oldest wall painting of skiers, which certainly ages several thousand years. In Sweden, geologists can still find ancient parts of what are believed to be skis aging about four thousand years old.

Although the existence of skiing is very ancient, in practice as a sport, skiing wasn’t established very long ago. Ski as a sport developed in Norway in 1850 when the first race was held near the town of Christiania, today’s Oslo. Global fame in skiing dates back to 1888 when Fridtjof Nansen of Norway earned fame for his ski performance – using skis, the famous explorer was able to cross Greenland in 46 days. Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, together with their colleagues from the International Olympic Committee, paid tribute to Fridjof Nansen, awarding him another Olympic Diploma of Merit in 1905.

Since 1870, several Alpine countries were affected by the rapid expansion of skiing as a sport. In 1879, Germany held its first competition, and in 1893, in Glarus, Christoph Iselin launched the first Swiss ski club. The National Ski Associations were established in Russia (1896), Czechoslovakia (1903), the US (1904), Austria and Germany (1905) and in Norway, Finland and Sweden (1908).
From 1910 to 1924 the International Ski Commission monitored the development of competitive skiing throughout the world, and in 1924, during the first Olympic Winter Games, the Commission established the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Best 10 World Ski Tournaments
Best 10 World Ski Tournaments

The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments

Have you been familiar with the best 10 world ski tournaments? If not, you have chosen the right page to visit. What you have to know in general about world ski tournaments is that the tournaments are organized by The International Ski Federation which is known as FIS. FIS stands for Federation Internationale de Ski. This abbreviation was based on the fact that the organization was founded in Chamonix, France, during the Olympic Games held in the city on February 2, 1924.

Historically, skiing has been popular in the old times along the Scandinavia up to Russia and Sweden. There are a lot of wall painting made by the skiers in a cave in north Russia about thousand years ago. The same finding from the Sweden geologist also proved that some ancient parts dealing with ski were found some thousand years ago.

Ski has become a kind of sport after it developed in Norway in 1850 when the first tournament was organized near Christiana town, which is Oslo now. In 1888, ski becomes increasingly popular because of Fridtjof Nansen’s performance. In this case, he successfully skied across Greenland for 46 days.

Meanwhile, some countries around Alpines also rapidly expanded the ski sport since 1870. Meanwhile, Germany participated in developing ski by organizing the first ski tournaments in 1879. Supporting this data, the first ski club was founded by Christoph Iselin in 1893. Following this development of ski sport, Russia also established the National Ski Association in 1896, Czechoslovakia in 1903, the US in 1904, Austria and Germany in 1905 as well as Norway, Finland and Sweden in 1908. In 1910 up to 1924, the world built International Ski Commission which was developing ski as a sport around the world. Just afterwards, the first Olympic Games supported by the Commission finally opened International Ski Federation that you know as FIS.

To know more about the history of the world ski tournament, here are the best 10 world ski tournaments you may check out.

1. Four Hills Tournament, Germany, and Austria

Four Hills Tournament, Germany, and Austria
Four Hills Tournament, Germany, and Austria

The first world ski tournament you have to know is the Hill Tournament which is held annually. This tournament offered not only the greatest and easiest way of participating in the tournament but also the rich prizes awards that would be received. In this case, many people were expecting to achieve the tournament.

Out of December 28th to January 6th, there was a ski tournament held which was successfully accomplished. Did you know? All of the tickets were sold out in September and it deserved the most popularity as the ski tournament in the winter.

Every year, at the transition from the old to the new, the New Year’s Four Hills Tournament is held. The spectacle is guaranteed to be a spectacle due to the fact that all the greatest aces of the sport participate with their all, for the glory of winning, but also because of the rich prize awards. Every season there is a very uncertain competition amazing achievements are always expected.

The Germans Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the Austrians Innsbruck and Bischofshofen were almost not enough, during the period from December 28 to January 6, to please all the fans of ski jumping in recent years. The popularity of the tournament reached its peak. Even tickets for the qualifications in September almost always sell out, making this festival stand out as one of the most famous winter ski competitions.

2. Planica World Cup, Slovenia

Planica World Cup, Slovenia
Planica World Cup, Slovenia

The second popular world ski tournament is the Planica World Cup which is held every year located at the valley just below the mountain Pounce, Slovenia. The ski jump hill becomes one of the largest tournament in the world after being reconstructed in 2014. Since then, there are a lot of world records collected. The recent record was made by Slovenia’s Peter Prevc reaching 248.5 meters jump in March 2015. Year to year, ski jumping gets popular along with the large number of spectators.

Planica is an alpine valley below the mountain Ponce in Slovenia, a result of the glacier movements. It lies in northwestern Slovenia in the Julian Alps, not far from Kranjska Gora, and is very famous for its ski jumping. Every year in Planica, a competition for the World Cup is held.

The ski jump hill is one of the largest in the world, after its reconstruction in 2014. Numerous world records were achieved on it. The jumps can go over 240 meters high, and are part of a group of 4 ski jumping hills. The current record is held by Slovenia’s Peter Prevc with an amazing 248.5 meters jump, which was achieved in March 2015. Ski jumping brings together a large crowd of spectators every year.

3. World Cup, Kitzbuehel

World Cup, Kitzbuehel
World Cup, Kitzbuehel

Out if the best 10 world ski tournaments, world cup season by Kitzbuehel is the most attractive tournament for international visitors, journalists, and public figures. The three-day tournament involves the world’s best skiers. Kitzbuehel has developing ski tournament since 1931 and become the member of the male World Cup after the season 1967.

In the past time, the winner was the skier who performed best in the downhill and the slalom race back. Meanwhile, nowadays, the winner is the skier who just wins the best downhill race.

Traditionally at the end of January each year, the Hahnenkamm fever shakes Austria. As the most important event of the season in Kitzbuhel, it brings together tens of thousands of visitors, journalists and public figures from all over the world. The world’s best skiers competing in a three-day competition here marks the culmination of the World Cup for the men’s competition. On a hill next to the Hahnenkamm, in Kitzbuehel, there are races in three disciplines; downhill racing being the one of the most memorable events of the World Cup, with an intense race to the finish line that goes down in history. In addition to downhill, skiers compete in slalom racing and super-G.

What makes Kitzbuhel unique among others is its rich history that is linked to the ski competitions. The races organized by the Kitzbuehel ski club are held traditionally since 1931 and are a part of the calendar of the male World Cup since their introduction in the 1967 season.
At first, there were driven slalom and downhill races, the super-G being introduced in the nineties. The winner of the ski weekend in Kitzbuehel was a skier who achieved the best combined time in the downhill and the slalom races back then, while today the champion is the one that wins the prestigious downhill race.

4. FIS World Cup Alpine skiing, Retenbach

FIS World Cup Alpine skiing, Retenbach
FIS World Cup Alpine skiing, Retenbach

Retenbach was the location of the new season of FIS Alpine skiing world cup in Austria. This tournament was aimed for woman but now it is available for man too. Retenbach was chosen fifty times as the location of the world cup ski tournament due to the fact that Austria is the most successful ski nation since 1970 and collecting 833 races records both for men and women tournaments.

Traditionally, at the end of October, over Ical valley in Tyrol, in glacier Retenbah in Austria, a new season of the FIS Alpine skiing World Cup takes place. The program is a giant in the women’s competition, and a day after, in the same discipline, the men demonstrate their skills.
The Giant Slalom in Solden this year is celebrating an important anniversary – it marks fifty times that this place held the World Cup races. Austria is the most successful ski nation because since 1970 this Alpine country has had winners of 833 races in men’s and women’s competitions.

5. World Cup alpine skiing, Val d’Isere

World Cup alpine skiing, Val d’Isere
World Cup alpine skiing, Val d’Isere

The next world ski tournament youhave to know is the world cup alpine skiing, Val d’Isere. All new facilities are available along with the wonderful view and stone architecture. Val d’Isere becomes one of the most well-known ski resort in Europe which is very fashionable. The first ski tournament record was marked by the biggest French skier Jean-Claude Killy for the Alpine Skiing World Cup tournament, one of the best 10 world ski tournament you have to check out.

Val d’Isere is a village situated 1800m above sea level and 12 km from Tignes. A place characterized by a wonderful view of the Grande Motte glacier and a stone architecture in accordance with which all new facilities are being built.

In the French Alps and the department of Savoie, at an altitude of 1785m, lies one of the most famous European ski resorts – Val d’Isere with more than 1,700 inhabitants. In this fashionable ski resort, in which the biggest French skier Jean-Claude Killy took his first steps, the Alpine Skiing World Cup will be held, in February. Hosting the World Cup, which will fill the place with teams and visitors, serves as great advertisement for Val d’lsere.

6. World Cup Alpine skiing, Beaver Creek

World Cup Alpine skiing, Beaver Creek
World Cup Alpine skiing, Beaver Creek

Other best world cup alpine skiing to know is the one held in beaver Creek. It is a cozy village which is also very popular for its perfect ski tracks. This world cup ski tournament is considered to have the best quality service in North America along with the amazing ride. Having been developed since 1948, this tournament is held once in two years.

Beaver Creek – a cozy alpine village with a red center, heated walkways and escalators, which delivers you to the lift. Regional skiing in Beaver Creek is very popular – with its perfectly prepared tracks ( which some even consider to be almost the best quality of service in North America), as well as an amazing ride through the trees.

The Alpine Skiing World Cup in Beaver Creek, in the United States, hosts some of the world’s best skiers every two years, since 1948.

7. World Cup ski jumping, Lillehammer

World Cup ski jumping, Lillehammer
World Cup ski jumping, Lillehammer

Being the capital of the Winter Olympic Games in 1994, Lillehammer is one of the biggest and most well-known ski resorts in Norway. Although it is small, it blinks your eye by the charming view on the great lake shores in Norway. This resorts offers a lot of ski tournaments such as the popular Ski Jumping World Cup.

Lillehammer – the capital of the Winter Olympic Games in 1994 – isone of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Norway. Lillehammer is a small, charming town on the shores of the great lake in Norway – Mjøsa, which is located in the picturesque valley of Gudbrannsdalen. It is a place centered around ancient folk beliefs like elves and trolls, a quiet resort with no noisy nightlife and no turbulent events – in addition, of course, to the numerous ski competitions, such as the well-known Ski Jumping World Cup.

8. Audi FIS World Cup, Aspen

Audi FIS World Cup, Aspen
Audi FIS World Cup, Aspen

The eighth world ski tournament you must take into the list is the Audi FIS World Cup held in Aspen. As one of the best 10 world ski tournament, this one offers the excellent trails for newbie skiers as well as for experts. In this world ski tournament, Colorado ski resort is the one that is able to accommodate everybody.

Commonly, the tournaments are held over the Thanksgiving moment to show the best and fastest woman skiers skills. This is like a White Circus in which the women participate in the big slalom race along with 2862 meters starting position and 2490 meters height finish.

Aspen is known for its steep slopes and a whole mountain composed of four, smaller separate mountains. Thanks to the excellent trails for skiers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, this Colorado ski resort can accommodate absolutely everyone.

The best and fastest woman skiers go there over Thanksgiving to show their skills and to fight for first place. This is a part of “White circus” where the women take part in giant slalom race. The start position is situated at around 2862 meters and the finish at a height of about 2490 m.

9. Kandahar, men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup, Chamonix

The next world ski tournament is Kandahar world cup held for men in Chamonix. Chamonix is the center of the winter sports where the first Winter Olympic Games were organized. Located in the valley of the river Aura, Kandahar runs the ski tournaments for men tracking the downhill and slalom which are parts of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

At the heart of the French Alps, at the foot of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, is one of the oldest winter sports centers, Chamonix, the city in which the first Winter Olympic games were held. With about 10,000 inhabitants, it is located at an altitude of 1035m, in the valley of the River Aura.

The famous competition “Kandahar” in the men’s downhill and slalom, as part of the Alpine Skiing World Cup, gathers many lovers of winter sports in the romantic town.

10. FIS Alpine World Ski Championship, St. Moritz

The last world ski tournament we are going to review is the FIS Alpine World Ski championship. As one of the best 10 world ski tournament, St. Moritz is the right base for the best skiers all over the world.

The Winter Olympic Games 1928 took place in St. Moritz. Later in 1948, St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics again. Over 20 FIBT World Championships were hosted by St. Moritz as well as the four FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

In February in the Swiss winter resort St. Moritz, the Alpine Skiing World Championship was held. St. Moritz has hosted the best skiers of the world. At competitions like this, predictions are extremely difficult.

St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928, and the stadium still stands today. Later on, in 1948, it once again hosted the Winter Olympics. St.Moritz has hosted over 20 FIBT World Championships, four FIS Alpine World Ski Championships (1934/1948/1974/2003) over 40 Engadin Ski Marathons, since 1969, and over 30 Engadin Ski Marathons, since 1978.

Conclusion on The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments

Conclusion on The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments
Conclusion on The Best 10 World Ski Tournaments

Overall, the best 10 world ski tournaments reviewed in this article were quite trustful to share you the information about the world ski tournaments which you may admire. If you want to enrich yourself with the knowledge about the world ski tournaments, don’t hesitate to open up this page again and make this review as the information sources for you.

The best 10 world ski tournaments review displayed on this page can be your inspiration particularly if you are a skier. Thus, you need to know more about the world ski tournaments. Who knows, you can join one of the tournaments when the time is yours.

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