10 Best Ski Boot Heaters In 2021

by Frank V. Persall

Skiing is an adventurous sport that can quickly become a let-down when the cold overcomes the feet. With a pair of cold feet, all strength and enthusiasm to ski then seem to dissolve with the snow outside. And despite the vast effort of your stuffy ski boots, you still need extra help, extra warmth. Even the most reliable ski boots will need a little backup. That is why everyone can find a pair of best ski boot heaters useful.

In the market, there are a lot of options available for you. Plus, foot warmers for ski boots come in the form of insoles and socks. So, how do you know which boot heater is best for you? Well, if you're not sure, then you can go ahead and get a little help from the list we have provided below. Hopefully, our ski boot heaters reviews list will have all the answers to your doubt and curiosity.

Best Ski Boot Heaters: Reviews

Below, we will be going into the discussion of ski boot warmers. And we have surfed up top 10 best boot heaters and they are:

Hotronic Foot Warmer S4 Universal - Link

Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
The Hotronic Foot Warmer S4 Universal makes it to the list because of its advanced features and durability.

It boasts of four heat levels that can go up to 170°F. The three base levels act as the primary heat source, while the fourth level provides an added gush of heat.

The boosted heat lasts only for three minutes, after which it sets back to level three heating on its own.

With these four-level heat settings, your cold feet will get all the warmth they need for a maximum of 20 hours.

The boot heater features an LED indicator to let you know which heat level you're in the comfort of. It also helps you track the battery charge.

This way, you are one step ahead in knowing when the battery is going to die. Once the batteries are completely exhausted, you can recharge them again for further use.

Keep in mind that different heat settings have different battery life. For example, if the setting is at the maximum four, the boot heater will run only for 4 hours.

The design features of these boot heaters protect the batteries from overcharging, thereby increasing its life span.

Along with longevity, they are also adjustable and durable. So, whether you're going to ski or indulge in any cold activity, simply slip these Hotronic footwarmers in each ski boot for an unforgettable experience.

What we like

  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Four heat settings that come with an additional boost of heat.
  • You can trim the insoles to fit your size.
  • Protects the batteries from overcharging.
  • Durable.

What we don't like

  • Difficult to set up and install the Hotronic footwarmer
  • Expensive

Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack - Link

Next in line is yet another best boot heater for your ski boot.

It comes along with a remote that lets you control and adjust the heat settings at ease.

You no longer have to bend over and remove layers of straps to change the heat level manually when wearing therm-ic heaters.

Although, you still have the option to operate it manually as well.

These ski boot heaters flaunt three heat settings with temperatures that extend up to 158°F.

When operating at the highest heat, the battery life can last for 4 hours to six hours. And when running at the lowest temperature, it can go on for a long 29 hours.

These ski boot heaters also stimulate impulse control that helps in the circulation of heat throughout the body.

If you're someone who's going to be outdoors for a long time, then these ski boot heaters are meant for you.

With heating power that can last for more than a day, this ski boots warmer is going to be your best companion against the cold.

When the energy is drained, you can recharge these batteries anywhere because of its universal charging options. Plus, these boot heaters are widely known for charging fast.

Despite being expensive, these boot heaters are easy to use. And they can be used for other winter activities apart from skiing.

What we like

  • Provides 29 hours of heating.
  • Has a quick and universal charger.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Remote control for easy monitoring.
  • Kindles impulse control and help in regulating body heat.

What we don't like

  • Expensive.
  • These therm ic SmartPacks do not come along with insoles, which you should buy separately. However, keep in mind that they can function along with only Therm-ic insoles.

Hotronic Heat Socks XLP One - Link

Hotronic XLP ONE Heat Sock Set, Classic, Medium
Hotronic XLP ONE Heat Sock Set, Classic, Medium
Made from nylon, spandex, and merino wool, these heater socks are ultra-soft and stretchable. They are also quick to wick away any moisture.

Like their Hotronic footwarmer insole counterpart, these cozy socks provide four heat settings.

The final fourth level is designed to provide an additional gush of heat that can provide a maximum heat of up to 156°F.

Different heat settings have different battery life. For example, at a low setting, the battery life can go up to 13hours.

And at the highest level, it can last up to 4 hours. There is even an LED light indicator that helps you differentiate between the heat levels.

Here, the position of the heating elements is under the toes and the balls of the feet. This placement allows for an equal distribution of heat.

Plus, this ski boot heater has an advanced feature of providing constant heat even when the battery starts draining.

Powered by a single lithium-ion battery, they are lightweight. Hence, you can comfortably wear them even with orthotics.

What we like

  • Flexible and long-lasting.
  • Four heat settings and an even distribution of heating element.
  • Battery life that can extend till 13 hours.
  • Can be worn with orthotics and even with other types of footwear.

What we don't like

  • No remote for easy control.
  • The batteries are expensive.

Therm-ic 1200 Smartpack with Remote - Link

With a battery life that functions up to 22 hours of warm heat, the Therm-ic 1200 SmartPack is among the best ski boot heaters.

Like the previous ic SmartPack, this heater can also provide a high temperature of 158°F.

The battery life is 4 hours when functioning at the highest temperature level.

It comes along with a remote to adjust the heating, while manual adjustments are also still possible.

These weightless heaters are powered by lithium-ion batteries that are over 1000 times chargeable. Further on, they are universal chargers.

With no wires and a handy remote for control, this ski boot heater is easy to use. But remember that you need to buy the insoles separately.

What we like

  • Remote control for quickly adjusting the heat levels.
  • Lightweight and convenient to install.
  • Provides 22 hours of heat.

What we don't like

  • Expensive.
  • The insoles do not come along with the ic SmartPack.

Dr. Warm Heated Insole - Link

Dr.Warm Rechargeable Heated Insole with Remote Control Switch Wireless Foot Warmer for Hunting Fishing Hiking Camping Unisex/Red/L
Dr.Warm Rechargeable Heated Insole with Remote Control Switch Wireless Foot Warmer for Hunting Fishing Hiking Camping Unisex/Red/L
Unlike the other listed boot heaters, Dr. Warm heated insole targets general consumers looking for comfort in the cold.

Yet, its efficiency in providing heat and comfort has made it among the best ski boot heaters.

Powered by lithium polymer batteries, a USB connection can also charge this boot heater.

Hence, you can recharge it on the go without much hassle.

It has a remote control that allows you to adjust the heat levels according to your need easily.

It provides three heat settings to choose from, with the highest temperature being 150°F.

The hours of heat this ski boot heater generates are 4 hours to five hours. However, different settings will have varying battery lives.

These insole heaters go on to stimulate impulse control that helps in body heat circulation. Therefore, it is ideal for people with health conditions.

With no wires involved, it is easy to use and install. And apart from ski boot, it is applicable in other types of footwear like sneakers and general boots.

It also lets you trim the insoles to fit your size.

What we like

  • Comfortable and durable.
  • It can fit all sizes.
  • Remote control.
  • USB charger- charge anytime, anywhere.
  • Quality product at an affordable price.
  • Regulates impulse control.

What we don't like

  • Its design does not specifically target skiers as customers.

ThermaCell ProFlex Heated Insoles - Link

There are some days when the cold climate decides to be mild. Therefore, skiing in such weather doesn't tend to require robust boot heaters.

But not wearing one also has its consequences. And at such times, the ThermaCell ProFlex heated insoles are the best choice.

It works with all kinds of footwear, from ski boot to casual sneakers. You can also trim the insoles to match your feet size.

These flexible insole heaters use thermal as the heating element. And with three heat settings that are adjustable with a remote, the highest temperature is 111°F.

While the heat lasts only for five hours, it compensates for that by letting you recharge the battery 500 more times. And a USB charging option is also available to recharge the battery.

To avoidable unpredictable situations, you can always carry extra batteries for easy replacement of the drained out batteries.

What we like

  • Flexible and durable.
  • Can be recharged over 500 more times.
  • Operates with a remote control to adjust the heat level.
  • Can fit any size.

What we don't like

  • Not applicable for freezing climates and rough activities.

Snow Deer Heated Socks - Link

SNOW DEER Heated Socks,Men Women Electric Battery Socks Foot Warmer(Black&Gray,S)
SNOW DEER Heated Socks,Men Women Electric Battery Socks Foot Warmer(Black&Gray,S)
With lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged, the Snow Deer heated socks aim to provide comfort and warmth for people with poor heat circulation, Raynaud's disease, stiffness due to cold, etc.

The heating element of the sock is far infrared fiber, which excels in distributing complete warmth.

Here, the heating element focuses on covering the toe section.

These boot heaters have three heat settings. The highest temperature being 131°F that can last for two hours, while the lowest temperature lasts for about six hours of heat.

These boot heaters are good at initiating impulse control that activates natural body heat circulation.

They are odor-resistant and quick at moisture wicking.

It also sports a pocket where the battery can be safe while skiing, snowboarding, skating, etc.

What we like

  • Three heat settings to choose from.
  • Odor-resistant socks that wick sweat as well.
  • Kindles body heat circulation.
  • Affordable.
  • Best for people with health conditions like Raynaud's disease.

What we don't like

  • The heating layer placement is above and below the toe section; therefore, it can get very hot.
  • The battery life is not very long.

Thermrup Heated Insoles - Link

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles Far Infrared (FIR) Foot Warmers Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery(4 Temperature Settings) Size 4.5-14, High Temperature
Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles Far Infrared (FIR) Foot Warmers Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery(4 Temperature Settings) Size 4.5-14, High Temperature
With far infrared rubber as its heating element, the Thermrup heated insoles are best at keeping the whole feet warm and dry.

This ski boot heater has four heat settings. Both the heat levels and the charge are visible with the help of the LED indicator.

Its flexibility allows it to be applicable for several other purposes apart from skiing.

With these insoles, you have the choice to trim it to fit your size.

It makes use of wire to transmit the charge from the battery. The wire and the massive battery can be a nuisance.

Therefore, a gaiter is available along with the product to keep the battery and the remaining wire.

What we like

  • Affordable.
  • Far infrared rubber heating element.
  • Four heat settings.
  • Fits every size.
  • These insoles are waterproof and washable.

What we don't like

  • The insoles usually become bulky.
  • The use of cable causes inconveniences.
  • No remote control.
  • Not durable for extreme cold weathers.

Therm-ic SmartPack IC- 950 - Link

The Therm-ic SmartPack IC 950 is a heating packer with impulse control that does not heat your feet on fire but instead maintains the normal heat or circulation, if you will, of your feet.

Using a lithium ion-based battery decreases not only the weight but also the overall size of the system.

The heating system has dimensions of 2"X2" X ¾". This avoids them getting much notice when in use.

It has a large clip, allowing you to attach it to the pack safely on your ski boots. The battery life is about 19 hours, which helps you not to cut short your ski trips.

It is generally one of the best heaters for both pleasant weather conditions activity and committed athletes.

You do not have to worry about your feet' size or shape as these insoles are cut-to-size, convenient, and comfortable for anyone.

What we like

  • Three setting battery.
  • Charger for all countries instated.
  • Good battery life.
  • Lightweight and compatible in size.
  • Versatile in use.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Can use for all insoles.

What we don't like

  • Does not have a USB charge portal.
  • Battery drains faster when put on a high level.

ThermaCell ProFlex Heavy Duty - Link

Thermacell PFHD-XL Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Shoe Insoles with Bluetooth Compatibility, XL
Thermacell PFHD-XL Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Shoe Insoles with Bluetooth Compatibility, XL
The ThermaCell Proflex Heavy Duty ski boot heater model is a compact and sleek heater of about 13.8 x 2.7 x 5.7 inches with keeping the technological nuances in mind.

It is one of the good heaters out in the market. The heater has its battery fixed directly into the insoles, unlike the other Proflex models.

It is a feature that avoids wires, making it compact and requiring lesser space than otherwise.

The batteries can also be connected to a USB portal charger through Bluetooth when the power runs out.

The battery life is 30% stronger than a regular Proflex model. And also, with faster-charging technology, it can charge up to 80% in 80 minutes.

The ThermaCell Proflex Heavy Duty is comfortable, and you can also access through an app on your smartphone.

It is a great model for skiers who desire simplicity and warmth.

What we like

  • Has an app and a remote control.
  • Modern, sleek, compact, and comfortable in design.
  • Four settings are available for adjusting to the desired temperature.
  • It can cut to fit the length of a user's size.
  • It is water-resistant and durable.
  • No extra-wires.
  • Requires less space.

What we don't like

  • The heater can get warmer than required.
  • Not very compatible with extreme conditions.
  • The life of the battery does not last as long as other similar models.

Choosing The Best Ski Boot Warmer: Buyers Guide


Ski Boot heaters are a great addition to your skiing experience. And naturally, you want them to feel good, warm, and comfortable when you wear them.

Most of the premium boot heaters come with excellent features, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will work well with your boots. One of the obvious things you need to look for while getting a ski boot heater is checking their thickness.

Check which particular thickness for a boot heater works for your boots as well as your skiing style. Some prefer a thicker boot heater and others to a thinner heater, which they'll hardly feel or notice. The choice of your boot heater's thickness entirely depends on your preference.


The weight of your ski boot heaters is another vital aspect of the skiing uniform.

You will find that some models have excellent features and the right thickness, but it might be heavy for you at the end of the day.

So, what is more, suggestible is that you get a pair of boot heaters that will not weigh you down. Whether you want to zip down on a groomed run or take a trip down the backcountry, it is best to have a lightweight option.

Lightweight boot heaters will not feel heavy, and also it will not hold you back down from having fun.

Battery life

For any electrical equipment, battery life is an important aspect- the same goes for a ski boot heater. Every boot heater available in the market ensures warmth, but they all perform the task in different ways than the other.

Some boot heaters can keep their battery life for a whole day, while some heaters are capable of running for only a few hours always. Keep in mind that every battery power runs in different settings.

For example, some battery life will be for a few hours when run in a high mode, but the same battery could run for many hours on a medium or low level.

The best option is to test or check which battery settings work for your needs.

Heat settings

As necessary is the battery life, so is the heat settings. Every ski boot heater model displays a range of settings purposed to handle different environments and temperatures.

You will need to get one that suits your purpose.

If you are someone who ski's in rough conditions, you may need a pair of heaters with the settings to adjust to that skiing style.

However, if you like skiing in pleasant conditions, you can go with lesser heat settings.

Ease of use

You can use your ski boot heater for a reasonable period, but only if you use it properly.

There are a good number of heaters with excellent features available in the market. But not all of them are user-friendly. So, you need to do good research and find the ones that are user-friendly and easy to use in the mountains.

Some models operate through remote control for tech-savvy people, and some that can sync to your smartphone.

Choose the one which fits the bill and is easy to use for you.

Skiing conditions

Many times, people do overlook the ski conditions when buying boot heaters. But determining the type of heater you want by judging the environment condition saves a lot of trouble in finding the perfect pair.

As evident as the market is, there are so many heaters made to perform differently depending on the skiing conditions.

The best way to go is to know where you ski and how much warmth you need.

Skiing in a subzero state will demand more robust heaters to combat against frigid cold, while a sunny and calm ski condition will require mild ski boot heaters.

Are Ski Boot Warmers Worth It?

Certainly yes! Boot heaters are perfect add-ons when you want to have a good skiing experience.

It may sometimes not be the first thing to pop up in your mind when planning on skiing, but they add comfort and protection.

If you tend to get a cold foot even with insulated socks and boots, then having a heater goes a long way in ensuring warmth to your feet.

Some people require maybe just the standard boot insulators, but that card doesn't go for everyone.

On a groomed resort run, you may not probably require the use of extra heaters.

However, having the heater on can be a comfort if you decide to brave across the backcountry or crash the deeper frost on the farther sides of the mountain for more adventures.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict
Final Verdict

From examining all the products and their features, the all-time ski boot heater definitely would be the Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack.

There are so many reasons why it is the best. However, we have picked out three prominent factors- a) Therm ic SmartPack is lightweight and has a 29 hours battery life with three heat settings extending to a high temperature of 158 °F.

Hence, it is the perfect boot heater for anyone who's planning to stay outdoors for a long time. b) Its battery has a universal charge.

Plus, it is known for getting charged fully within less time. c) Further on, a wireless remote control acts as the operator, making therm-ic easy to use.

However, its price tag is its major drawback.

So, if you're an economical person who wants a quality ski boot heater at a lower price, then Dr. Warm heated insole is the best choice. With three heat settings and a remote for easy use, this ski boot heater is durable and reliable.

But of course, you may have your individual preferences that suit your actual needs.

So, make sure you thoroughly read the product features and functions before making a purchase. And hope the article has provided all the information you need.

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