Best Snowboards for Kids: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2022

by Frank V. Persall

Snowboarding is an interesting outdoor winter sport that children can participate in. Most snowboarders in the past probably started when they were much older, but the introduction of new snowboard designs for kids has seen parents and guardians teaching their young ones how to shred the slopes at an early age. Learning snowboarding at an early age will make kids fall in love with the sports, and even help them master the necessary skills that will turn them into expert snowboarders in the near future. To make this happen, it is important to equip them with the best snowboards and quality snowboarding gear in the market.

Equipping kids with quality snowboarding gear can be quite expensive, but it is worth it if you get the right ones. The learning process involved in this outdoor snow sport is very much faster than when an adult starts learning. Children adapt faster to the tricks of the game, which will prevent them from falling during turns and sledding down the slopes. While getting the right snowboards for your kids is important, the process can be quite difficult and stressful since children can't articulate the exact things they want. So, you will have to make the decision.

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Parents are always on the lookout for easy-to-ride and super-durable snowboards for their kids. This is because they want quality snowboards that will enhance their children to play and zoom down the slopes in the snow with ease. The need to get snowboards that kids will love cannot be overemphasized as it'll encourage them to learn the snow sport at an early age.

In this guide, we will review some of the best snowboards for kids, and also show you some of the important factors that will guide you when buying one. There are hundreds of snowboards designed for kids in the market, so it is important to get your little ones the best of them all.

There's a buying guide section that will show you important factors to note when choosing snowboards for your kids. These factors include the snowboard flex, snowboard length, snowboard width, and even the material used in constructing snowboards. These factors are all important as you need to look beyond just the brand and type of snowboard for kids.

Top 5 Best Snowboards for Kids (Product Reviews)

Here are five of the best snowboards for kids reviewed in 2022;

Top 5 Best Snowboards for Kids (Product Reviews)
Top 5 Best Snowboards for Kids (Product Reviews)

1. Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace - Link

Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace (Purple)
Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace (Purple)

The Sledsterz Snowboard by Geospace is the original snowboard designed for kids. This kid's snowboard is shaped to go fast and make turns on hills around the neighborhood with ease. The snowboard is affordable and beautifully designed to make it look attractive for kids. It is ideal for kids because they can easily hop on it without wearing special boots or bindings.

The Sledsterz snowboard is made of super-strong polymer that can last long through years of cold-weather snowboarding. It has an in-built leash that kids can grasp for stability while sliding down the mountain slopes. The leash will also provide the needed balance to pull the board back uphill. You can easily insert and secure the bindings from the underside of the board.

Sledsterz Original Kids' Snowboard is one of the best in the kid's category because it is designed to help kids get the speed, the excitement, and the adrenaline rush of snowboarding. It comes in colors like blue, red, and assorted green. It is a great gift to buy for kids of ages 6 upwards.

Basic Features

  • 40-inches-tall
  • 10.5-inches-wide
  • Underboard Binding
  • Color: Purple
  • Age Range: 6-12 years
  • Material: Super-strong Polymer
  • Adjustable Boot Size Settings

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is easy to hop on and strap in before shredding the slopes
  • This kids' snowboard is highly durable and can last for years
  • No special boots or bindings are required with this snowboard
  • This snowboard is affordable, making it a cost-effective snowboard
  • Kids can use this snowboard to shred across different terrains
  • It will allow kids to hit bumps and jump on snow-covered hills with ease
  • The newly improved bindings are designed to fasten securely to the board
  • The boot size can be adjusted or reversed for goofy foot riders

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The buckles that strap the feet can be quite difficult to fasten

2. SPORTSSTUFF Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard - Link

SPORTSSTUFF SNOW RYDER Hardwood Snowboard, 130cm
SPORTSSTUFF SNOW RYDER Hardwood Snowboard, 130cm

The SPORTSSTUFF Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is an entry-level snowboard that features easy-to-adjust hook and loop bindings that provide effortless access and a secure fit for young shredders. It is a snowboard designed for fun and built to last over a long period. It is made of multi-layer hardwood construction that can take on the toughest slopes across several seasons.

This Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard features a laminated wooden bottom surface that provides an ultra-smooth even finish for riders of all ages. It comes in different sizes for children that weigh 80-150lbs. The size styles include 90cm, 110cm, and 130cm. furthermore, it also features heavy-duty webbing that ensures riders' boots are securely fastened to the board.

This Snow Ryder Hardwood snowboard is perfect for beginners and will fit the feet of kids to enter them into the world of cruising the slopes. It has been tested to withstand the most rugged terrains, and it is well designed for the young at heart. Your kids can go out in them, while they get ready for all the snow actions. It will get them active and have fun to the max.

Basic Features

  • 130cm Style
  • Ultra-Smooth Bottom
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Entry-Level Snowboard
  • Hardwood Construction
  • Machine Pressed Wood Layers

The Pros (Benefits)

  • This snowboard is lightweight, portable, and highly durable
  • This 130cm snowboard fits children that weighs 80lbs to 150lbs
  • This snowboard can be easily adjusted with the hook and loop binding
  • It is made of hardwood construction for long-lasting and repetitive use
  • It features ultra-smooth bottom for riders of all ages, skills, and comfort levels
  • It comes in varieties of shapes and sizes to accommodate kids of all ages
  • This snowboard has the strength to withstand multiple riders and snow seasons

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It has no metal edge, hence it is not good for resort use

3. Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter - Link

Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter, Blue/Green, 38 x 8.5 x 32 in.
Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter, Blue/Green, 38 x 8.5 x 32 in.

The "Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter" is a one-rider snow sled is designed to bring all the fun of your favorite scooter to the snowy slopes during winter. This scooter for children is made of durable polymer construction with a dimension of 38 x 8.5 x 32 inches. This weighs 3.53 ounces making it only fit for one-rider trips. It is lightweight and beautifully designed to attract kids.

Airhead Snow Scooter has a slick design with a grooved bottom to provide a firm grip, superior speed control, great tracking, and carving actions down the slopes. It is constructed from a durable molded polymer, making it lightweight and great for enjoying hours of scooting fun on the toughest terrains. Also, this snow scooter for the youth is highly affordable and can be purchased as a gift for your little ones during the snowy season.

Furthermore, Airhead Snow Scooter has a convenient hinged handle that can be folded flat for easy storage. It is ideal for kids that love sledding the hills in winter. It will help them hit the hills in style while they get to enjoy fun to the max. overall, the molded directional channels make it easier to navigate slopes, ensuring that kids stay on course without veering, for added safety.

Basic Features

  • Lightweight
  • Plastic Handle
  • Weight: 3.53 Ounces
  • Capacity: Single Rider
  • Construction: Durable Molded Polymer
  • Product Dimensions: 38.0 x 8.5 x 32.0 inches

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is lightweight and has a high-impact construction
  • The hinged handle folds flat for convenient storage
  • The stylish compact design makes it look attractive to kids
  • The grooved bottom provides speed control and tracking actions
  • This highly durable snow scooter is great for hills and flat surfaces
  • The super control and directional channel feature offer added safety
  • The high-impact construction makes it capable of taking on the toughest terrains

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The handles of this snow scooter do not hold up which reduces stability

4. EMSCO Group Supra Hero Snowboard - Link

EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Solid Core Construction
EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Solid Core Construction

The Supra Hero Snowboard is designed for beginners and kids ages 5-15 years. It features a solid core construction made of polyethylene material to showcase excellent workmanship. The quality construction also features an ergonomic design, making it appropriate for children on their quest to learn this exciting snow sport. This is a quality entry-level snowboard for children.

Supra Hero Snowboard has step-in bindings that are adjustable for children of all ages. It will lock into place after adjusting, so youngsters and teens of different sizes can fit in without any worries. The surface of the snowboard is embossed with a stylish design, giving it a cool flair that children will love. This stylish design will not alienate children like the plain snowboards.

This snowboard is the perfect fit for beginner snowboarders because it is highly recommended to start on low slopes when beginning training. The stylish design will enhance children to learn snowboarding. This snowboard can be used to practice easy moves and novice tricks that will get little children excited. It is user-friendly, making it easy for kids to ride it without pressure.

Basic Features

  • Silver Color
  • Supra Hero Style
  • Weight: 4.3 Pounds
  • Advanced Foot Straps
  • Solid Core Polymer Construction
  • Product Dimensions: 40.75 x 10.0 x 3.35

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is ideal for children and beginner snowboarders
  • The surface of the snowboard has a cool flair design
  • It features gorgeous graphics and solid core construction
  • Children of all ages can step into the adjustable bindings
  • The amazing cool flair design enhances kids to learn snowboarding
  • The advanced foot straps make it easy to step in and step on the snowboard
  • The user-friendly surface makes it easy for kids to ride it without feeling any pressure

The Cons (Limitations)

  • This snowboard is prone to elements that cause wear and tear on tough terrains

5. Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter - Link

Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow, Assorted Colors (Red, Green or Blue)
Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow, Assorted Colors (Red, Green or Blue)

The "Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter" is a unique fold-up snowboard designed for use in snowy weather conditions. This new and improved LED Ski Skooter has a 3-mode LED light that is simple pinch and built-in to the handle. By clicking it, different light modes will be illuminated to separate your kids from the crowd. It comes in assorted colors such as red, green, or blue.

The LED Ski Skooter by Geospace for snow features a superior design and is made of super-tough polyurethane material that enables a smooth ride. It works like a regular snowboard by allowing kids to play in the snow at dusk and night. It has a fold-up handle and LED light that is built-in for safety when snowboarding at night. The LED light module is located at the top of the handle for max visibility. The LED marker has 5 colors with flash, strobe, and fade modes.

This premium ski Skooter is the best in winter fun because it provides hours of snowboarding winter fun for your kids. It is great for use on snow-covered hills, flat snow-covered sidewalks, or even up the mountain hills. It is a multipurpose Skooter that can be used to cruise and zigzag down sledding hills and flat snow-covered surfaces, including grass or sand dunes.

Basic Features

  • Fold-Up Handle
  • Assorted Colors
  • Super-Grip Deck
  • LED Light Module
  • Weight: 3.84 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 36.0 x 9.75 x 31 inches

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is a one size fits all super-grip deck snowboard
  • It is designed to accommodate kids of ages 6+ years
  • The handle folds down for convenient transport and storage
  • It is great for snowboarding fun across different snow-covered terrains
  • This snowboard includes LED light with 3 modes for max visibility and safety
  • It features a fold-up handle that helps to maintain balance and assist with steering
  • The circular design handle provides better grip and hand positioning than other models

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The handle is made of plastic and tends to fold down under intense pressure

Buying Guide for Best Snowboards for Kids

There are lots of factors to consider before choosing a snowboard for your kids. You will get to think about features regarding the brand of the snowboard, the size dimensions, and even the color since you will be getting them for your kids. You might even have to consider your pocket as you won't want to spend above your budget. So, here are some vital factors to consider.

Here are important factors to consider before choosing snowboards for kids;

Consider Snowboard Material

The type of material used in constructing a snowboard should be put into consideration when buying one for your kids. Snowboards are traditionally made from wood with aluminum edges. Some of the new ones are now made of fiberglass and foam with wooden straps. So, make sure you check the material before buying one as some are considerably cheaper than the others.

Consider Snowboard Length

The length of a snowboard for kids is another factor to consider when choosing one for kids. An unwritten rule of the right snowboard for an individual is that it must touch the chin. This does not apply to kids as they can use shorter snowboards. This is better for them because shorter snowboards give riders more control on turns. They are also designed to reduce the potential speed a rider can reach, which reduces the tendencies of children falling off.

Consider Snowboard Width

Aside from the length of a snowboard, it is important to consider the width before buying one. Snowboard boots are required to hang over the edges of snowboards a little before such snowboards are classified as the ones with the right width. There are 3 categories of snowboard width; narrow width, regular width, and mid-wide to wide width. Ensure you check this out.

Consider Snowboard Flex

Finally, the flex rating of snowboards is a rare but crucial factor to look out for in snowboards. Snowboards with softer flex are best for children because it is easier to turn, which prevents mistakes on the slopes. They are easy to maneuver at a lower height, making them great for children. Avoid buying your kids snowboards with stiffer flex because softer flex is better.

Snowboards for Kid Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are frequently asked questions that should be of help;

Why are snowboards with adjustable bindings necessary?

One of the best features of any snowboard is the adjustable bindings. This basic feature is good because it allows children of all ages to step on the board. This means children of different sizes can lock into their snowboards without any worries. Once, a snowboard comes with adjustable bindings, you can easily adjust them to fit the feet of your children before they start shredding.

Which snowboard width category is best for children?

There are three major categories of snowboard width namely;

Narrow Width: ranges from 8.8 inches to 9.6 inches

Regular Width: ranges from 9.6 inches to 10.0 inches

Mid-Wide to Wide Width: ranges from 10.0 inches and above

The best for children is the narrow width because they are suitable for children's boots size.

What is the benefit of buying a snow scooter with LED light for my kids?

Scooters with the LED light feature are not common but they are very valuable if you lay your hands on one. They are designed to provide added safety for riders at night. They are located at the handle for maximum visibility when sliding down the snow terrains.

Which length of snowboard is good for my kids between the age of 6-10 years? - Link

The longer snowboards are ideal for expert-level snowboarders, while shorter snowboards are ideal for little children. For children, the snowboard length doesn't have to touch their chin. The height of a child is enough to determine the length of the snowboard to get for them. In certain situations, the weight of a child might play a role in deciding which length of the snowboard to buy. So, make sure you check the size chart according to the height and weight of a child before choosing a snowboard for them.

What are the types of snowboards we have?

There are three main types of snowboards; Free-Ride Snowboard, All-Mountain Snowboard, and Free-Style Snowboard. The Free-Style Snowboard is short and much slower, while the Free-Ride Snowboard is long and faster. All-Mountain Snowboard is more universal.

Which type of snowboard is best for children?

The universal All-Mountain Snowboard is the best for children because they are designed for beginners. They are easy to step in and easier to control when compared to the other types of snowboards. So, don't hesitate to get the all-mountain snowboard for your children.

What type of snowboard shoes should I buy along with snowboards for kids?

It is quite simple; you need to buy your kids soft snowboard shoes. It is good to buy shoes that are compatible with your kids' snowboard but your focus should be on size. Get the right size of snowboard shoes for your kids, and that will get them ready to shred the slopes with ease.

Does the design of a snowboard matter?

For adults and advanced level skiers, the design of snowboards might not be a major factor they consider when buying snowboards, but this is a different story for kids. Children will love their snowboards more if they have beautiful designs. Designs that feature their favorite cartoon character or paintings from their favorite art books. Kids value snowboards with great designs.

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Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard. Youth Plastic Snowboarding Toy Slider, 90 - Walmart Link

BURTON After School Special Kids Snowboard w/Bindings Sz 100cm - Walmart Link

Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard 1069T - Fit for Rider up to 95lbs by Emsco - Walmart Link

Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard, Multiple Colors - Walmart Link

Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids' Snowboard Assorted Colors, Snow Sled (Red, Green, - Walmart Link

BURTON Chicklet Girls Snowboard Sz 90cm - Walmart Link

Airhead Snow Ryder 90cm Hardwood Snowboard w/Velcro Bindings - Walmart Link

EMSCO Group – Graffiti Snowboard – Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Design your - Walmart Link

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Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard. Youth Plastic Snowboarding Toy Slider, 90 - eBay Link

BURTON After School Special Kids Snowboard w/Bindings Sz 100cm - eBay Link

Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard 1069T - Fit for Rider up to 95lbs by Emsco - eBay Link

Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard, Multiple Colors - eBay Link

Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids' Snowboard Assorted Colors, Snow Sled (Red, Green, - eBay Link

BURTON Chicklet Girls Snowboard Sz 90cm - eBay Link

Airhead Snow Ryder 90cm Hardwood Snowboard w/Velcro Bindings - eBay Link

EMSCO Group – Graffiti Snowboard – Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Design your - eBay Link

Conclusion for Snowboard Buyers

The snowboards reviewed in this guide are some of the best snowboards for kids in 2022. They are lightweight, durable, and affordable. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you are looking for snowboards to buy for your young ones, feel free to use this article as a guide.

Note that adult supervision is a must when kids are playing with their snowboards. Kids are also required to wear all the necessary safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and goggles. These safety gears will provide added protection for children when participating in this snow sport.

Kindly share your thoughts are favorite kid's snowboard in the comment section.

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