Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

by Frank V. Persall

A home is a feeling - one of safety, love, and connection. Truth be told, the family is the key ingredient to a home. But the connection and bond a family enjoys could be hindered by the daily hunt for money and comfort. Why not reignite the spark, enjoy the feeling of home away from home and engage in the recreational fun experience of snow, skiing, and snowboarding in the family-oriented Wolf Ridge Ski Resort. That is the place for you to enjoy your quality time with family (and family here could be friends as well).

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort Nc
Wolf Ridge Ski Resort Nc

Wolf Ridge Resort can be precisely contacted at this address at 578 Valley View Circle, Mars Hill, NC 28754.

They can also be contacted through their phone line: 828-689-4111

Resort Details

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is a beautiful place for vacation, skiing, and snowboarding.

It is family-oriented, giving you, your family and friends, a year-round opportunity for outdoor recreational activities which includes what I call snow fun; skiing, tubing and snowboarding in areas where snow abounds. They also offer other outdoor adventures such as; mountain hiking and biking, water rafting, horse riding and caving. Apart from this fun and adventure, Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is a place to get away, relax and enjoy nature's breathtaking scenery with man-made luxury in its finest form. The resort, although man-made technologies gave WRSR its luxury, we cannot deny that nature gently nestled it with a top elevation of 1,402 m (4700 feet) above sea level, WRSR has a maximum vertical drop of 213 m (700 feet).

Located five miles away from Interstate 26, this beauty is found close to Mars Hill in western North Carolina, eastern USA.

It has a total number of fifteen ski runs (ski slopes), which have ratings: Beginners rated slopes are four in number, Intermediate rated slopes are nine in number, and advanced rated slopes are only two in number. Let's talk about some interesting things you need to know about the resort.

Guest capacity

This resort boasts a guest capacity of 65 guests. The WRSR is the right decision to make for great occasions where you want your guests to enjoy themselves. It has a great view that is artistically captivating. The soft blazing fire in one of the two beautiful rustic lodges is what I bet your guests would love as you all gather to celebrate a wedding day, birthday, Christmas or any occasion.

You will find yourself surrounded in luxury in this resort which is pure beauty. There is a stone gas fireplace, granite countertops, etc. It's got living area hardwood floors and the kitchens and bathrooms are lined with ceramic tiles. Blue Ridge Mountains simply offers you scenic views and so much more to make your experience an unforgettable celebration.


  1. Skiing and Snowboarding: The WRSR operates on 72 acres skiable terrain which is covered in snow annually offering Snowboarders and skiers the chance to enjoy their snow experience.
  2. Comfort: WRSR had a recent terrain renovation and makeover which includes; the widening of trails providing better access to the lodges. The updates done to the terrain park of WRSR was a beautiful one.
  3. Service Ski Station: WRSR made their Lower Lodge which offers tickets selling, rental skiing equipment, all about dining, and a nice gift shop. This lodge serves as a service ski station for the visitors of WRSR.
  4. Lodging: This luxurious resort has a variety of year-round accommodations available that provide a wonderful camp for you, your family and friends.
  5. Skiing lessons for beginners: They offer children and beginners skiing lessons through their accredited Snow Sports School, in addition to this, their magic carpet (ski lift) services are great!
  6. Slope Breakdown: This resort offers 15 ski slopes: which are 26.7% Beginners, 60% Intermediate and 13.3% Advanced. This means that it is a great place geared towards beginners and intermediate skiers/snowboarders.
  7. Night Skiing: WRSR makes out time for night skiers; those that know the benefits of night skiing (no crowds, beautiful view, no sunlight, less exposure to UV rays and so on). They open for business - scheduling night skiing to accommodate night skiers so they won't miss out on the fun.
  8. Parking: This resort has a wide parking lot regulated to provide Directions, Parking, & Regulations.


The comfortable lodge of WRSR, offers 3 beautiful fireplaces, a nice cafeteria, a fine gift shop, one quite spacious rental shop, and other group sales departments.

This luxury is furnished to the point of:

  • Nice Outdoor lighting
  • Available Overnight accommodations
  • Day-of coordinator
  • Large parking lot
  • A wide dance floor


These could be seen as restrictions to you but they are regulations adopted by the resort for the betterment of the staff and guests of the resort. They include;

  • The venue must approve all decorations
  • There must be no grains such as; rice, confetti, birdseed, corn and so on
  • The approved outside caterer are allowed
  • Amplified music is allowed indoors only
  • Smoking is done outside only
  • No alcohol is allowed on-premises
  • Music must end by 10:00 PM

Ski Runs

With 72 acres of skiable area covered in snow, WRSR has 15 lighted slopes; and they are namely;

Slope Level Trails & Slopes
1 Beginners Wolf Cub
2 Beginners Goin' South
3 Beginners Broadway
4 Beginners Eagle
5 Intermediate Lower Streak
6 Intermediate Whistling Dixie
7 Intermediate Powder Hill
8 Intermediate Midway
9 Intermediate View Finder
10 Intermediate Howling
11 Intermediate Timber Wolf
12 Intermediate Upper Streak
13 Advanced Way Out
14 Advanced The Bowl
15 Intermediate Side Slip

Ski Lifts

Wolf Ridge Ski has 3 main types of lifts available. Their trails are accessible by the availability of the technology we all know as carpet lifts. WRSR has two carpet lifts and two chairlifts: a quad chair and a double chair.

Lift Ski Lift Number Of People Length Capacity Per Hour Type
A Double Chairlift 2 740m 1200 Chair lift
B Quad Chairlift 4 695m 1200 Chair lift
C Kaser Surface lift 1 person mover 180m 500 Rope Tow
D Magic Carpet lift 1 person mover 170 - 400m 1500 - 4500 Surface lift

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort: Review

It is normal to be afraid if you are going skiing for the first time. Trying out something you have not done before could make you nervous and sometimes, anxiety could creep in but at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, they have a great place for beginner's private lesson and with the staff being super friendly, the skiing instructors and reliable equipment and the paramedics by the side (in case anything goes wrong), you would have the sense of security and skiing like a pro in no time would not be a problem.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort has a great ambience, good terrain, a laid-back feeling with an admirable giant stone fireplace in the lodge where there are always gently blazing fires.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is loved because unlike other resorts, it has fewer crowds, better terrain. It is far preferable to the crowds at Ski Beech and others plus it is only a 30-minute drive from Asheville.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is remarkable for very friendly staff and the family atmosphere feeling hovering in the lodges. They make out a chance for night skiers who enjoy night skiing, which is another wonderful experience where people go skiing at night and at that time it is not crowded as most people prefer sleeping at that time. The run is wide and nice which is great for beginners and intermediates to learn and improve their skills. Although, This does not pose many challenges to advanced skiers.

If you visit Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, you would wish that more places had real wood-burning fireplaces and the pure feeling of nature and home-like Wolf Ridge.

This is if you are the kind of person that appreciates such feelings, the homely feeling of wood-burning unlike any other technology used in warming up a place. They have at least 3 fireplaces throughout but this does not call for panic, they have safety measures put in place to avoid a fire outbreak.

Wolf Ridge Resort FAQs

How far is Wolf Ridge from Asheville?

Wolf Ridge, North Carolina is situated on nature's beautiful mountains in Western North Carolina. The beauty is located just 8 kilometres away (30 - 35 minutes drive) from north of Asheville. This means it is not that far. Just hop in the car with your family and friends to make your road trip and vacation at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort fun.

Imagine having to enjoy a 30-minute road trip with your family and friends with music, jokes, and laughter as a company in the car or bus (whichever you go with) before you even get to the home of fun.

Where is Wolf Ridge ski resort?

WRSR is a skiable area and lovable resort in North Carolina and happens to be just close to Mars Hill.

From Interstate 2, the distance is about 5 miles and the resort currently boasts about 15 ski slopes plus trails. you'll find that over 26% of the slopes are for "beginners'', while intermediate-class get about 60% of the entire slopes. Not to forget that about 13% go for 'advanced'.

Address: 578 Valley View Cir, Mars Hill, NC 28754, United States

You can see where it is on the below map:

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Originally from the UK, Frank has a passion for skiing and anything snow related. He is currently on a never ending mission to visit the best ski resorts across the USA and the the World. Frank is happiest when he is on ski slopes with his wife and three children.

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